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About Adult Site Surfer

Adult Site Surfer was started because there was a serious need for a consumer oriented adult site guide, helping people find out which sites were and were not worth the money they charge. We seriously designed ASS by making the exact opposite decisions our fellow adult webmasters were making. We felt it was time for an honest guide to porn sites, and were we ever right.

Our prime objective here is to find, browse and rate adult membership sites, weeding out the bad sites and directing you to top quality resources. With over 10,000 paysites on the Internet, there are plenty of great sites out there who have exactly what you're looking for.

We've seen great changes in the online porn landscape since Adult Site Surfer began. Sites, people and entire companies have come and gone. Some sites went down before we could even post their review! Lots of mom and pop operations went belly up, and many fresh new sites have flooded the marketplace. There's been a major shift from photos to videos, yet some of the top sites in the world are still going strong on mostly photos alone. File sizes have skyrocketed, and prices on the whole have come down.

We like to think that us starting ASS and the subsequent entry of many more review sites like ours have made a major imprint on the market, and continue to do so. We are a threat to the bad operations, and a blessing to the professional sites who offer consistently high quality original content.

Our site has been going strong since 2002, and we'd like to take a moment to thank all of the many people who have read our reviews and taken a moment to comment on the sites they've visited. It's the comments that really make this site special. The sites we review are constantly changing, and it's impossible for us to keep tabs on all of them at once. Please help each other by writing comments about what you loved and hated, and everyone's surfing experience will be improved.