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Privacy Policy

Adult Site Surfer (ASS) is a Canadian owned and operated company. This privacy policy intends to explain what information we may collect from you at our site, and how this information is used. By using this site, you consent to the terms as outlined in this privacy policy, in regards to how we collect, interpret, store and display your personal information.

We believe in your privacy and will never sell any of the personal data you submit to AdultSiteSurfer.com. We are a free service and do not require you to register or submit your name or e-mail address to use our site. We have a comment system that allows you to post your comments about sites, and ask for a name of your choice (anonymous or otherwise), name, e-mail address and a log of your IP, as well as any comments you may wish to write. Any information you write to us via the comment system will become our property, and displayed as we see fit. We retain the right to remove any comments at any time that we may feel appropriate, at our sole discretion. We do not display your e-mail address or your IP address publicly. We record IP's only for the sake of spam protection, to aid in abuse of our comment system.

We also may collect information from webmasters in the due course of our business, and reserve the right to display any information we feel appropriate that we collect from you. This includes people's names, website URL's, website names, website information, company title, e-mail addresses, logins and passwords, affiliate program names, and anything else relevent to our business. We will only contact webmasters if it relates specifically to our business, and will never sell or send advertising to companies we deal with.

If for any reason you feel your privacy is a concern in relation to our website, please contact Socks Manly immediately at socks@adultsitesurfer.com