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Initial Review: 04-18-04 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 01-13-08
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Alexa Model Review

Alexa Model is a beautiful young woman who is part Spanish and part Egyptian in heritage. Alexa's site goes a few steps beyond the average solo model site, and is getting more revealing as she adapts to the camera and learns to be comfortable in front of it. This site is produced by well-known FTV Girls, and I think the pictures explain for themselves what all that entails.

So they found a beautiful model in Alexa Model, with wonderfully firm and ample natural D-cup breasts, you'd almost swear they were fake. Alas, she's just a young one making her entry into the adult industry, and her young voluptuous body is in its prime. The people at FTV realized all these qualities and made her an exception from the rest of the FTV models, by creating an entirely new site completely devoted to Alexa.

The first thing that caught me about Alexa Model is the amount of content offered. I've been to a few of their single girl sites before, but this site was simply much bigger. There are currently 55 photo sets, and while some sets of a single outfit for example can span 4 of those photo sets, enough changes to devote an entire set to each. The shooting location, the stage of undress, the idea behind the shoot, everything changes but the clothes it seems.

I did not click on every single gallery, but I did view at least 70% of them, and they ALL had their own videos to go along with the photos. Often there are 2 photo galleries within a single set too, not sure exactly why they do this, perhaps just if they have too many pictures.

The next thing that really struck me was where all these pictures were shot. Inside a buddhist temple for example, many places in Hawaii, tons of outdoor scenes, and the colours!! The colours are absolutely fantastic in the pictures, whether it's her dress or the plants in the background, wow. They obviously take this model on trips and treat her great to get this kind of intimate look at her.

The sets are all laid of chronologically, meaning that you can see Alexa's very first nude pictures, and then watch as she progresses in attitude, compensity, willingness, excitement, and horniness. That shy young girl we see at the beginning slowly unfolds like a flower, growing into a confident and sexy woman before your very eyes.

Just recently she's started to masturbate in her scenes, and wow! I'm almost happy it took her this long to get comfortable, because the slow unravelling of this is really a rare spectacle in pornography these days. This certainly isn't a wham bam site, more of a slow, erotic, and intimate look into a sexy young woman's life.

To seal the deal? There are pictures on Alexa Model of Alexa before she was on the site. Pictures of her growing up, in highschool, when she was 15, etc. Not nude of course!! But you really feel like she wants to share herself with us, something most models aren't willing to do.

Review Update: 01-13-08 | by: Socks Manly

This site stopped updating some time ago, and is no longer worthy enough to be ranked in the 90's! Unfortunate too, she's really smoking hot.

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