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Initial Review: 12-16-05 | by: Socks Manly
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Bound N Determined Review

Bound N Determined is the site of Lew Rubens, a self-proclaimed lifelong bondage enthusiast. His biography actually says he used to make up games as a child as an excuse to tie his friends up! He's certainly passionate about what he does, because in addition to his Bound N Determined website, Lew Rubens also does bondage workshops, bondage conferences, and owns stock in most major rope companies!

Anyways back to the bondage site, this IS a website review isn't it? I was impressed with Bound N Determined, although it's looking a bit dated going into 2006. Thankfully the content isn't dated, and really that's what we're after here. Things are sorted by year in the members area, going back to 2002. There's a good deal of content here, and most looks to be produced by Lew himself. There are some galleries from other sources, as well as some Hogtied content. The funny thing is, in the Hogtied stuff, oh look, it's Lew! :)

Now I don't pretend to be a bondage expert, I don't even know what the knots are called, let alone how to tie them. I will say that as an amateur I was really impressed with the scenes, positions, ideas, and creativity throughout the sets. They have this big boxy wooden cage, metal cages, I even saw this one movie of a woman tied upside town to a tree, with her chest against the ground, still wearing bright pink high-heel shoes. And how about the Sergeant, what bondage site would be complete without a bit of domination?

The only thing that left me a bit wanting about Bound and Determined was the movies section. The movies were good, they were fairly clear in most cases, and were very enjoyable. So what's my issue? RealMedia format for one, length for two, and size. The movies here are all 3-8mb in size, some split into a few segments. They're so good that I just want more. You can see the girls really struggling, trying to get out, trying to get that bug on their leg off, trying to scratch that itch. They want to complain, but all the rope in their mouth is making things verrrry difficult.

I'd really like to see some long, 100-200mb movies from the creative mind of Lew Rubens. He's really got this rope tying suspension thing down, I really think the next step is to have some full length movies. Maybe some time-lapse video of the girl being tied up, then a bit of moaning/complaining from the girl, then some more time lapse rope change, then more moaning/complaining, etc.

Overall a really good site, and the price is right. $19.99 for a month, $49.99 for 3 months. Updates aren't made as often as most sites, but are regular. Also you need to remember there's only so many girls who want to be tied naked to a tree, and Lew's a busy guy! I do really think that a few more updates, and those big longer videos that I mentioned, and this site is golden.

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