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Initial Review: 06-22-04 | by: Furry Monster
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Boy Girl Bang Review

Boy Girl Bang.. hmm. I didn't expect much from this site, I thought it was just another reality page. While the idea itself might not be too original anymore, I must say the videos are great, funny and enjoyable.

There are 37 episodes currently available on Boy Girl Bang. That might sound an average amount to you, but you should know, that these movies are really long ones, like a full length movie, 60-90 minutes. And they're different too, so you won't get bored with their stuff easily. They say that new content is added twice weekly, not sure if that is true, but it is updated frequently. I found some very exciting curious-bondage & pissing eps, there are MILF hunter kind of ones, interracial, and plainly picking up a next door kind of girl, or a slutty street chick.

There are two camerame, the newer one being a girl, Phoebe. In many episodes, they try to find a girl for their loser, fat friends, and use some money to convince the girl. The episodes do have humour in them, they cracked me up a few times, and that is important! In my opinion, it's one of the reasons, why Bangbus was so succesful, and some others failed. They include long foreplays, chats, interviews with made up stories (they tell the girl, that they're making an interview for their sociology class). That makes the whole thing realistic, and believable.

Each episode has three options, downloading the clips, watching the thing streaming, or viewing the pictures. The pictures are poor quality video caps, the only thing they're useful for, is checking where the plot goes. There was some annoying things on the streaming page, right click is disabled - so if your browser options are messed up a bit, you'll have a hard time playing them. Luckily you can right click and check the URL, if you use something else than IE (Mozilla for example). They give two streams, one for modem, one for broadband. As this is a movies site, and the low bandwidth version quality is poor, I wouldn't recommend the site to modem users. Also, to watch the high bw one, you should have at least a 750kbit/s connection. As I mentioned, you can also download the episodes, split into more smaller parts, in MPEG (good quality), or the whole thing in WMV (same as the high bandwidth stream). In my opinion, it would have been smarter the other way around - full MPEGs, and split WMVs.

As a bonus you get some plug-in content, voyeur cams. Which is the most interesting, a LOT of sex stories.

Despite those comfort issues, this site really has great stuff. If you like reality porn, and found some of the other reality style pages boring, you might want to check this one out, it's a refreshing spot. Membership costs 30$ monthly.

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