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Initial Review: 07-04-03 | by: Max Harmer
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Fetish Planet Review

After suffering the first 5 pop-ups after visiting FetishPlanet.com, I was in no mood to preview their ‘free tour’. So I logged in and realised that my one login provided access to twenty-two of the ‘niche’ sites contained within the FetishPlanet realm. Sure, it may be a flashy megasite, but Fetishplanet has the quantity, and the diversity, to be reckoned with. Really, that’s the key selling point of a site like this, Variety. FetishPlanet pulls it off well.

Alright, so I logged in and ignored the absurd amount of flashy banners and ads for phone sex. The sub-sites are easy enough to navigate, each one linking to the others. Each of the sites has an archive dealing with their specific niche. The archives are large, with usually more than 60 picsets for any given category. The pics are large, and a thumbnail browsing system makes for problem-free browsing.

Due to the absurd amount of content, only the sites will be listed with a brief description of each. The site design is pretty much standard for all the sites, making for familiar browsing.

Trample – This is one of the key niche sites offered by FetishPlanet, the Trample.com section showcases pics of guys(and girls) being stepped on. Sometimes with heels, sometimes with stockings, and sometimes just barefoot. Sometimes there are even multiple steppers! The site’s target audience is foot fetishists and asphyxiation junkies. Although, after watching some of this, I think the risk of becoming an asphyxiation junkie is running a little high.

Smother – If you’re unfamiliar with smother porn, then this site deserves a look. The site features girls sitting on a guys(or girls) faces. Either pantied ass, or pantied labia is sitting flush up against the nose and mouth of their victim. These young nubile things go as far as riding their panties with enough force for the camera to pickup the moisture they’re leaking. As I watched the videos I could actually smell each of the girls, however odd that sounds. It’s an unnerving sense of suffocation, of sensory deprivation. Maybe it’s even Freudian in an attempt to re-gain admittance to the womb?

Either way. The face-riding also has the effect of ‘panty-eat’. Where their lips envelop any fabric unfortunate enough to get in their way.

All in all, Smother has some great content. Nice videos which are full-screenable without problem, and of course, access to the rest of the sites in the FetishPlanet world.

Each of the above sites has it’s own pictorial database, dealing with that specific niche. The movie content offered by FetishPlanet is as follows; Bondage, Facials, Footjobs, Foot Worship, Oral Sex, Panty, Smother, Spanking, Tit Fetish, Trample, and Wrestling. Each of the movie sections is filled with high-quality movie content, running anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes in length.

FetishPlanet and it’s subsequent sites are all a part of the Diamond Inc. XXX business. The site retails for $34.95 a month, which pays for the wide variety of content that the Fetish guys have to keep up with.

Thinking that ‘almost $40’ is too much to spend on a website, especially because there are fantastic sites that sell for $20 a month, is logical thinking. But FetishPlanet really tries hard to earn those dollars, which is more than I can say for the other megasites out there.

Don’t get me wrong, the site isn’t bad. In fact, I’d even say it was good. There’s a LOT of content here. Each one of the above domains is updated with new photoshoots daily.

There’s also a lot of gross stuff here. if interest in on-line porn is waning, and something more ‘shocking’ is needed, FetishPlanet.com likely has what you’re looking for, and probably deserves a trial membership.

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