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Initial Review: 02-18-04 | by: Socks Manly
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Glory Hole City Review

What is a gloryhole? Let’s me copy and paste what appears in the members section of Glory Hole City.

A gloryhole is a hole, cut between video booths in an adult bookstore (ABS). It is usually placed about where a guy’s cock is located if he’s standing at the hole. And, it’s usually large enough to accommodate any size cock. The way it’s used is pretty straight forward. A guy will put his cock through the hole and the person on the other side will have fun with it through some form of sexual activity (suck, fuck, handjob…)

This is just the first paragraph of their description, and goes on to say that while the most common use of Gloryholes is by Gay men, women also go. This website focuses on straight sex, and features girls giving various pleasures to men through a Gloryhole. It says there are even coin operated booths with opaque glass that can be made clear when both people press a button on their side of the booth, to see whose sucking their dick perhaps, or just to watch the show.

The site itself contains lots of useful information and is obviously made by someone who is interested in Glory Holes, not just someone looking to make a quick buck. I haven’t really seen a subject so carefully followed, but I guess just by the nature of this kind of site forces you to be pretty focused by itself. Still, they certainly didn’t slack on finding information and sharing it with their members, and sometimes even go on trips to visit places in the USA that have their own Gloryholes.

There are plenty of ladies who contribute regularly to their archive with both images and video clips. The quality of both the pictures and movies depends on the person who took it, as this isn’t a studio kind of operation. In many cases the content is of people who contribute their own stuff, maybe from a club, a bookstore, their home, wherever they happened to have done it.

The thing I really liked about this site was the information given by the women inside their own sections. How they got involved using Gloryholes, why they like it, some personal information, etc. More sites need to have this kind of detail given to the girls, rather than just being “random weekly girl” updates. The sidebar on the site even tells you where there have been recent updates, a great idea.

Where this site will leave some people unsatisfied is that you have to pay for their large videos. You do get to see pictures from them, and some have multiple 750k-2.5mb video clips, but it seems a bit outdated in that aspect. There are plenty of sites that now offer 200mb per video set downloads included in the membership. Perhaps this just isn’t possible if they share revenue with the girls who send in their videos, I just don’t know. Also sites with large video downloads regularly charge $39.95 for a membership. So with those things taken to mind, it’s not unreasonable what they offer here either. Most of the videos that are offered as PPV or Pay Per View run about 60 minutes. For that amount of time it would cost an extra $8.95. For 300 minutes, the price is $29.95, and there are several options in between. The videos are available up to 512kb quality.

I did manage to find a 20 megabyte video of some sexy girl with black hair, but other than that I think it’s mostly the small video clips.

So with that being said, this is certainly the most complete Gloryhole site we’ve come across, we have seen one other that was more focused on big movie offerings, but wasn’t nearly as deep, raw, and amateur as this one. This site services the genre better, but expect it to cost a bit more if you want the full experience. One month here is $19.95 if you go with the recurring option, and $29.95 for a single month straight up.

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User Comments

Posted by: ViZ [AZ] on 02-26-06

These Guys are Still going strong… Plenty of sites have come and gone, but this one still rocks! Thanks.

Posted by: DJ [NY] on 02-21-05

This a a good site!

Posted by: Suzy [EU] on 12-05-04

Great Site… Really Like it!

Posted by: SinClaire [NYC] on 10-03-04

Hey, good review! This site is great. Thanks for listing it.

Posted by: N&V [East Coast] on 09-01-04

Wife and I love this site.

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