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Her First Anal Sex

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Initial Review: 12-07-04 | by: Socks Manly
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Her First Anal Sex Review

Another in the series of her first sexual experience style of sites, this time focusing on her first time having anal sex. This site looks like a reality style video site, and it is. Two guys go look for a girl, bring her back for a "modelling" gig, and then things go from there. They usually play with the girls butt a lot to get them buttered up, and then go for the glory. It really did look like most of the girls haven't had anal sex before, judging by all the screaming and teeth clenching and stuff, but more about that later.

This site comes with quite a few less girls than are on the other sites in the network like Her First Lesbian Sex. There are currently 4 pages of model thumbnails, each with her own video and picture sets. The videos are split up into usually 9-15 parts, all streamable from their site in a number of formats. The videos are NOT downloadable, only viewable from the website. They look good in full screen, but for many people this just isn't acceptable.

The girl selection here also suffers a bit from the other sites included with a membership. This is almost always the case on an anal site though, as most girls just won't do it at all, let alone for the 1st time on camera. Definitely look for models Estrella, Jazmine, and Angelica. Last but not least, there's one really sex big breasted model named Maxine who can't be missed. She's on the last page of the tour, not sure why, I think she was one of the first few models added.

For some of the girls, like Jazmine, this experience wasn't exactly a calm walk in the park. Jazmine for example was obviously in a pretty big amount of pain, and for like the whole second half of the episode the guy doesn't give her much of a break. Some of you are gonna love this, others won't enjoy it so much. Whatever your pleasure, expect to hear and see a bit of screaming, pillow biting, wincing, clenched fingers and other signs of pain here at Her First Anal Sex.

If you're interested in something a little more tame, with sexier girls having their first sexual experience with another girl, you may want to check out our review of Her First Lesbian Sex. Either way, you get both sites with membership.

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User Comments
Posted by: Socks Manly [Toronto] on 06-22-05

Some customers enjoy the fact that they setup the scenes in a way that suggests a particular fetish, such as a girls first time. Every girl isn't really 18. Every girl isn't really a virgin. I think most of us have come to accept such things.

Posted by: sammy [LA] on 03-20-05

Brandi Lyons an Anal virgin??? Get real. None of these girls are first timers, the whole premise is a fraud and a bunch of crap.

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