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Latest Review: 11-07-05 | by: Socks Manly

I Shot Myself Review

ISM or I Shot Myself has been going pretty strong for a while now, and has certainly improved since we last visited it. They now boast over 1,500 different models, and over 63,000 photos. Perhaps the largest addition is the availability of posters to send in movies. They have 131 videos at the moment.

After reading the review I wrote about a year and a half ago, I'm really astounded at how big this site has become in such a short period of time. They've grown from having ~250 models to over 1,500, and the photos have grown from 6,000 to nearly 64,000! Wow. That's what I call growth.

The other thing I noticed is that they really did deal with all of the issues I outlined in my last review! Someone over there was listening. Now you can choose between Thumbnail view, and PORTRAIT view for example. No more selecting a model by her left buttcheek! The navigation has totally changed, and the models now leave each other comments in abundance. You really get a community feeling at I Shot Myself.

I think that many members of this site stay for the long term, as it's so intriguing an idea. Some of the girls post a good number of times, and they update the site every day. I really got the feeling that I was just scratching the surface at the site in the time I spent logged in. This is the kind of site that you won't be bored with quickly, for sure.

Another little feature I really liked was using the Search to simply input a country, and view all the models from Brazil or Sweden or Australia, etc. That was pretty neat.

Overall I was very happy I took the time to look at I Shot Myself again. They're really doing things the right way. I look forward to seeing this site in another year, it's going to be huge!

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User Comments
Posted by: Zulkiflu A Y M [Nigeria] on 04-15-12

Fantastic, but why are you not using china girls more in all your activities, bcos people like them.

Posted by: HB [USA] on 02-10-11

WAYYYYY too expensive. Most of the professionally produced material is cheaper.

Posted by: templaryo [England] on 10-11-04

it seems to me that this Web page is excellent an site, the quality of the photographies is escepcional, to observe each detail of these bodies is very exciting.... each one of them shows as they want to see itself from another perspective, with other eyes: this project is definitively ... [read more]

Posted by: runtzy [USA] on 12-03-03

Now that I've seen it I can't help wonder what took so long for somebody to think of it. Seeing how a girl takes pics of herself is very, very sexy. I like this, a lot.

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