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Latest Review: 06-04-11 | by: Socks Manly
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Inthecrack Review

While we were impressed the first time we looked at In the Crack in 2003, it's even more amazing that here we are in 2011 and the site is going stronger today that was back then. It's a sprawling site that still includes updates from every year they've been in business. In the members area simply click on the year you'd like to view and all of the sets that they released that year are conveniently listed as thumbnails going down the page. Thankfully for this reviewer each set is also numbered, so I don't need to go through and painstakingly count each set.

If you've never heard of the site In the Crack before, you're in for a real treat. They specialize in close-up content, with many of the top names in the industry featured here. You also find many amateurs who just go by the first name, and also many porn stars who come back repeatedly for more shoots. If you're a visually inclined type of porn enthusiast, you'll love their style of shooting. They always get very close to a girl's private parts, making for some very intimate and personal material. Incidentally, it turns out that In the Crack is about as suitable a name as they could've come up with. They stayed very focused here, and it's always firmly planted between the legs of a stunning woman.

Aside from just the close-ups, In the Crack makes every effort to be as butt-centric as possible. This is an ass site through and through, with anal everywhere. Every butt loving ass man should be a member of this site at least once.

In my opinion they do just about everything well here, from the 1080p HD movies to the beautiful women, the stunning outdoor scenery in many of their scenes, their glamour style intertwined with highly explicit anal and gaping vaginal shots, there’s just a lot to appreciate. Few other content producers have managed to infuse this much intimacy and eroticism into their scenes.

In the Crack has kept with the times from a technical point of view with full HD content. Both the videos and pictures are at impressive resolutions, with the videos clocking in at a maximum HD size of 1920x1080. Infect more than staying current I'd say they were one of the first people offering such high-resolution content, with 1920x1080 videos available as far back as 2007.

Breaking down the site by year also gives us some clues into how the site developed over time. By the end of 2006, they had released the 98th set. Clicking on 2001, I can see that their first update ever was made on March 4, 2001. In fact I remember set number 13 very vividly of Venus, a tall blonde girl in a golden bikini with a cherry tomato squarely planted in her butt crack - once it's been seen, it can't be unseen. So anyways it took them a full six years to get 100 sets up and then from 2007 to almost halfway through 2011 now, they've just released their 549th set. 2008 turned out to be the breakout year where updates got ratcheted up and In the Crack finally blossomed into the great resource that it is today.

Inside the members area the navigation is well thought out and provides a great way to access their more than 500 sets. Most of the options are available under the collections header, where the default view is by year as I mentioned before broken down into months. If you click model name, the years change to the characters of the alphabet, and there are thumbnails with the girl's name below. Clicking on a girl's name shows you all of her sets. Next on the list is an option to browse by a model's age, so you can click on 18 to see all the 18-year-old girls or 22 to view all the 22-year-old girls. Their ages range from 18 to 31.

If that somehow wasn't enough, you can also browse nationalities by country, or even where the shoot took place. The list of shoot locations is actually quite long, with Los Angeles, Budapest, Prague and the US Virgin Islands and Canada leading the way in number of sets. Incidentally they started the site in Canada, though I’m not sure if they still call it home.

I should also mention the search feature as I was quite impressed with it. It has two fields: a search box and an optional category drop-down if you want to restring your search to a single category. The category list is quite deep with more general categories such as anal, massage, breasts, panties and more obscure niches such as cervix views, clitoris views, flowing juices, large pussy lips, anal/vaginal muscles, massage, genuine orgasms, water/soap, treadmill/walking, unusual objects, and extreme close-ups. In the Crack is also well known for some of the more extreme kinky fetishes such as fisting, peeing, and speculum views.

Simply put this is a world-class site and I'm very happy to see that they ramped up their efforts over the last few years. They could've gone the way of many other older also-rans by scaling back their update schedule and playing it safe. Thankfully for their customers they rolled the dice and can now happily claim to have one of the premier porn sites on the Internet today. They'll never be the largest in the world, but what they do they do very well and that will always keep people coming back for more.

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User Comments
Posted by: Socks [Toronto] on 06-23-11

Wow yeah Lexa definitely takes the cake. She was just in two consecutive updates on June 16th and 17th of 2011, and her ass is to die for!

Posted by: RK [US] on 06-17-10

I can't get enough of ITC. I'm into to tight, tasty, winking female buttholes. All of all the girls modeled Lexa is the best. She has the sex appeal and elgance of a goddess. But most importantly, she's got a butthole that looks so delicious I'd lick it all night, ... [read more]

Posted by: SugaDaddy [Vienna] on 02-21-06

Absolutely one of the best sites I've seen. If you're into masturbation, great close-ups, wet pussies, incredible detail... Video quality is excellent, 2MBit WMVs and excellent camerawork as well as outstanding models. My favourite pornsite so far !

Posted by: Stevie [NY] on 10-27-05

Quality of Videos has gone down. They went to Budapest, and have added those models, but the camerawork is now terrible. For the price they charge, quality should be better. Despite what they claim, their video descriptions are dishonest and do not honestly reveal flaws in production or quality. ... [read more]

Posted by: T [California] on 02-20-05

Incredible close-up videos with the most pristine production values I've seen. This is a solo site! If you want to see guys, go somewhere else! Try the YMCA...This site is for those of us that like women!

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