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Initial Review: 07-08-11 | by: Socks Manly
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Kink on Demand Review

We've never been big fans of any kind of video on demand model, as they always seem to be more expensive after a small amount of usage than buying a typical membership would be. If it wasn't offering more value to the customer than the norm, then what was the added value? For that reason, Kink on Demand aka KOD may be one of the first VOD sites we've ever listed.

I'm happy to say I really like the model they've designed here. At first glance it seems expensive, however the extra options and the terms of this expense make my arguments rather moot.

First, a bit of background. Kink owns a massive multiple story historic building in San Francisco USA that was once a US Armory. In fact, it's called The Armory. This was purchased over the last few years, and has seen Kink grow in leaps and bounds with the addition of the location. It's absolutely massive, has lots of concrete for that dungeon look, and even has a river that runs through it in the basement. A truly awesome thing to behold, and surely to shoot porn in!

They've been around as long as we have, since about 2001. Their first real success was with Fucking Machines, as they really took the genre further than anyone else had, and were ingenious in creating the actual sexual devices that appeared in their shoots. It was highly creative and people loved it.

Since then they've made many more websites that all have some form of dominance theme. Some are more targetted towards bondage, others whipping, femdom, slave training and all sorts of painful and tortuous elements. They do everything to the extreme, yet treat their models with the utmost respect. Each of their sites is a spectacle in itself.

Because they have so many sites (many with around 600 scenes each!) each of them sells separately. There is a network, but you can only access the content from the sites you're currently a member of. This is a bit of a problem, because once you're a member of one, you're likely going to want to see the rest. Their content is incredibly well done and addictive.

And so, Kink On Demand makes more sense than it would anywhere else, because each site they run is its own separate entity. With KOD you can cherry pick the scenes you want, or stay a member of your favourite site but be able to sneek peeks at what sets are being released at their other sites.

There are three ways to use Kink on Demand. First, if you're a member of any Kink site, you'll receive a nicely sized discount off the normal price of their other sites.

Second is to buy a set outright. They sell Kinks for this purpose, which are tokens that are roughly equal to a dollar. 20 Kinks is $20. You get a few more Kinks if you're willing to buy more of them, so they get a bit cheaper that way per Kink. When you buy a scene, you get the photo set as well as the video, and you're able to access it *forever* in your account. Even if you're not a member of any of their sites, you'll still have access to all the scenes you ever bought. For this reason, the prices seem much more reasonable. Short videos might run 5-10 kinks, while larger movies (some of their videos are 1.5 hours long each) will be 15-20 kinks.

Finally, you're able to stream any of their videos for a 0.15 kinks per minute. This seems like the best deal, especially for the person who really wants to shop around and see what they have to offer. Their streaming is very well done and looks great, and you'll be able to watch anything they have at any site for a reasonable price. If you're not sure about a membership to one of their sites, this could also be a handy way to try before you buy on a sort of trial.

Kinks can be bought for as low as $5 for 5 kinks, so you could watch ~33 minutes of streaming video for your $5.

If you've never been a member of one of their sites or you're curious about what all the fuss is about, I can't think of a much more entertaining way to spend a few dollars than watching some of their work. Even if this isn't your typical brand of porn and you're not really into the BDSM thing let alone the lifestyle, it's great even on a spectacle level. It's breath taking to watch.

Some people might rip the cost structure, but the important thing to note is that these are all just extra ways to access and pay for their content. The original membership model is still there, and if you decide to just join any one of their sites on its own you can still do that. This is nothing but added value, and a way to sample the content on all of their sites that you might otherwise never get to enjoy. Who doesn't want more options?

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