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Initial Review: 03-11-04 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 05-08-07
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Lesbo 101 Review

This Lesbo 101 website has been a real treat. It's not an old site, maybe a year or two at the most. I'm surprised we didn't get around writing this review sooner. Lesbo101 doesn't have some new twist, plot, storyline or hook to intrigue people into buying accounts. No, Lesbo 101 just took Lesbian sex and ran with it, creating what I believe to be the premier lesbian porn site online today.

They do things slightly different here at Lesbo 101, and all for the better. The videos are the standard huge sets we're getting used to from most of the newish reality porn sites. The videos on the site average about 140-150 MB per update, offered in three high-quality formats. I prefer the 650k MPEG's but there's also the slightly higher quality 700k WMV files to download.

And download you will here! There's approximately 10 pages of updates available, all with at least 2 girls. The format the video episodes take on includes a "host" I guess you'd call her. It's a girl who kind of conducts the whole lesbian scene, gives a bit of direction to the girls who have never had a lesbian experience before, and sometimes walks into the scene mid-way to pinch a nipple or slip her finger in a pussy.

I think having a woman giving the direction sets the girls at ease a little bit more, and since she's obviously into women as well. She's often commenting on how sexy a girl is, or that her breasts are beautiful. Having this host is an interesting addition to the site.

There are a few factors that make this site stand alone above all the other lesbian sites. First of all and most importantly, the teen models look comfortable, happy, and excited to be in these scenes. The people who made Lesbo 101 don't hide if a girl is new to lesbianism as well, they almost always explain that in the set description. They match the women well, often with some unique couple pairings that make you wonder if they would make a good couple in real life.

They young lesbos get pretty hardcore here, often the girls stop touching each other all together and pick up the dildo's, both pleasuring themselves for the camera. How many times would that happen with a guy/girl combo?? :)

If this site is missing something it's a live weekly show. I think with a weekly show it would be near perfect. They have some live shows here, but they're like Voyeur Casa, Voyeur Dorm, etc.

There's tons of fresh, exclusive content available for download at Lesbo101.com, with beautiful women, and most importantly these girls are enjoying themselves enormously. I haven't seen another lesbian site that comes close to the focus this site has. You will not see a dick here, unless it's made of rubber of course.

Review Update: 05-08-07 | by: Socks Manly

This site is over-rated here, our mistake. I'm dropping it until we can get back in there to sort it out.

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User Comments
Posted by: Airbag [Spain] on 11-01-05

┬┐Lesbo 101? PLease, an amateur adult surfer knows Sapphic-Erotica.com is the best lesbbian site in the web so far!: Crystal aparience videos, extraordinary photos, easy navegation, fast downloadings and the girls... oh my God the girls!! I've compare and Sapphic wins on everything!!

Posted by: Alphax2 [USA] on 01-18-05

I've looked at a lot of adult sites over the years abd Lesbo 101 is by far the best, hottest lesbian web site there has ever been. It is honest, real and the girls are relaxed. Beyond sex, it catches the emotion and sensuality of each partner. That the host ... [read more]

Posted by: Elephant [UK] on 04-14-04

Was rather disapointed here with this site. joined for the 7 day trial and only get these terrible quality for 80 percent of the vidsand even the ones I did get to download of the newer vids in higher quality I wasn't very impressed with the quality. Only one update ... [read more]

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