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Latest Review: 08-08-08 | by: Furry Monster
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Mike in Brazil Review

Do you find Brazilian women hot? The great curves, amazing asses, and the sexy tanlines.. Mike In Brazil is a hardcore site in the lovely Reality Kings network. Mike went to Brazil just to find these hotties and fuck them. The site has been up since 2004, and it's about time we take a new look at it!

Mike In Brazil has an amazing quantity of content - 206 scenes, all of them with different girls! They're long too, average length is about 40 minutes. A new scene is added every week still!
One of the strengths of this site is that the videos really are shot in Brazil. They manage to find amazing looking latinas, who you won't see anywhere else. The speech is partly Portuguese and partly English. It's refreshing to see the wonderful sunny beaches, and girls getting fucked in bikinis by the swimming pool. The guy often applies tanning oil on the girl's body, massages her a bit, then have a bath with her naked in the pool. Almost all of the girls have tanlines, it seems to be a big hit in Brazil. I find it sexy! The fucking is hot, wild hard sex with some dirty Portuguese moaning and talk.

My choice of watching the movies is downloading the full WMV files, they are usually 300-500 megabytes. Their resolution is 720x480. Quality is usually good, except the annoying interlacing in a few of the files. They also thought of people with slower connections, all movies can be watched streamed in shorter segments. Even with a dialup, if you don't mind the quality. There are two formats for the segmented files, WMV and MPEG.
The paragraph above refers to the newest 105 movies. The others are only available in 3 segments, and quality is not so nice. But that's still pretty good considering that they went back to so many older updates to upload higher quality, full files.

Each set has two kinds of pictures, captures from the videos, and the real photos. Unfortunately even the photos are quite poor. Problem number one, they should use a higher resolution than 900x600. Number two, I don't think anyone wants to browse through 900 images made in a row. That's what we have motion pictures, aka movies for. Rather take 70 photos, but setup those poses carefully. I did appreciate the option to download galleries as ZIP files though.

Instead of the old special All Sites Access password, any of the sites give you full access to the whole network now, which is simply called the Reality Kings network. This makes things cleaner and easier for the customers, so I very much welcome the change! There's a list of sites at the bottom.

Mike In Brazil is a great site. The beautiful exotic places and the tanned Brazilian babes with big bubble butts wearing nothing but skimpy little bikinis can mesmerize you! If you're bored with the same old hardcore movies, you should try this one.
Just this site alone has so much content to entertain you. For 25$ a month, The Reality Kings network is one of the best deals you can find. You should even consider the three months membership. All of their sites are exclusive, two of them are updated every day. There is one annoying issue, a limit on the daily downloadable full movies. The site told me to wait 24 hours after I downloaded ~3 gigabytes. Stay away from the trial membership, as it doesn't give you full access.

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Posted by: sinan [gul] on 10-29-07


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