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Initial Review: 06-12-04 | by: Furry Monster
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Naked College Girls Review

When I first visited this site, I haven't heard about Donovan Phillips before, and to be honest I didn't expect much by first the first look. I was obviously wrong.

On the page Donny writes: "COLLEGE GIRLS OF ALL AGES." and "GORGEOUS GIRLS, UGLY GIRLS, SKINNY GIRLS, FAT GIRLS.". That gives you a better idea than the title, which is a tad misleading in my opinion. This isn't your regular teen site, it's a site of a photographer, who takes pictures of all kinds of amateurs, there's even some mature women on the site. Make no mistakes, most of the girls are in their early 20's. They're not models, some of the girls are fat, and some ugly as he says. One thing is for sure, this is a refreshing spot in the world of adult pages. The sets are of solo models stripping, then posing naked and streching their pussy.

Donovan doesn't stick to the mainstream woman body ideal, and he's not afraid to show unusal, and natural girls. In some cases some of the picks reminded me of Petter Hegres photos, rather in the choices and bodies than the sets. Donovan's photos are less artistic and show more pink. It's also courageous of him, that he put his test shoots on the site as well, which are the first raw shots he made of girls, some of them not being too professional, and that has its own charm too. People who like amateur photos will surely appreciate these sets.

The site contains 566 photo galleries at the moment, which 30.000+ photos altogether. Lately he started to add video clips too, there's around 70 of them on the site now, mostly of girls posing for the shooting, and girls masturbating. These are enjoyable, but medium quality.

Donovan also has his own active forum, and he talks to his fans and members, which is admirable.

The guy is very hard working, the page is updated five times weekly with new sets, there could be no complaints about that. One bad thing to say about the site is the layout. He could make a proper navigation bar and structure, since some of the sections you can find in the middle of the page instead of the menu.

Overall I think Donovan's page is excellent. Check out his main page and surf around a bit, you'll get the idea what his photos are like. If you like these kind of photos of amateurs, I can only recommend this page. Membership is 30$ monthly.

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User Comments
Posted by: Donovan Phillips [Northern California] on 06-13-04

I woke up this morning and noticed that my referral logs were showing visitors coming from your site. I'd never heard of ASS before. Damn, I've been missing out! This is a great review site! And I think your review of MY site is very fair. ... [read more]

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