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Initial Review: 07-10-07 | by: Furry Monster | Last Updated: 12-07-11
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Student Sex Parties Review

The Student Sex Parties name is pretty self-explanatory. They have large movies with Russian teens having not just parties, but also group-sex. Sounds great to me, let's get to it. The design is very simple. I'm fine with it, you can download the movies very easily. The only problem is that the thumbnails fail to load sometimes, then you have to hit refresh.

The parties usually have like 3-5 girls and 3 boys. The movies start out with the students sitting around joking, drinking, listening to music. They start dancing, get rid of some clothes. Then it's all cock sucking and fucking. There are scenes of couples getting busy in separate rooms, but also big orgies. There are some threesomes, but it's more common for several couples to be fucking right next to each other. I loved their hot young Russian girls, and enjoyed the amateur action. While the speech is in Russian, they took the time to add English subtitles.. thumbs up!

The movies are downloadable in one big file each. While the extension is .AVI, they use a WMV video codec. I don't really see the point, they could have used streamable WMVs too. The 640x480 movies already look great. I was shocked when I saw the 1280x720 HD movies, they look incredible. Only the newest files are in that resolution.

As for the quantity, they have 16 movies, 2-3 hours long each, each one split into 3-5 scenes. I have no problem with downloading huge files, but I can't recommend the site to people with slower connections. There are no small segments, lower quality files, and you can't watch them streamed either.

There are no dates for the updates, but it has been growing steadily. They add one scene a week at least I think.

Student Sex Parties has about 30 gigabytes of high quality enjoyable group sex content. If you like Russian girls, don't mind the foreign speech, and have a fast connection, don't miss it! I can't add samples, as the site has no photos and everything is hardcore, so go check it out yourself.
The membership costs 35$ monthly, expensive I know. Some sites with HD quality seem to set higher prices. It's 60$ for three months.

Review Update: 12-07-11 | by: Socks Manly

This has been a real popular site with us for a long time, and it's overdue for an update. I'm happy to report it's still going strong, and has changed a lot since w e did our first review.

Quick recap. When we first saw Student Sex Parties, they had 16 total parties, and they now have 73. There was 30GB of content, and now a single party might have 6-8GB among its scenes! The way it works here, a single party is about 2-4 hours on average, split into a few parts for easier downloading. Also they sometimes change locations or switch up the models between the parts it seems.

They speak Russian in the videos, however there are welcomed hardcoded subtitles included so others can follow along with the dialogue.

I find the content here to be among the most interesting I've seen in the group sex area, and that's saying a lot. The scenes are often a bit silly, but the sex is good and they're really long. I get a more real, amateur sort of feel to the scenes here, rather than a typical production from a porn company where everyone is very comfortable in front of the camera. The actors seem to be less directed in these scenes, and it's often a bit clumsy and fumbling. To me that adds a certain appeal, but the lower production values may not appeal to everyone. It's just a bit amateurish production wise.

Also great at Student Sex Parties is one of the most complete series of file types and mobile options for more choice when downloading. Maybe 8GB is too much for you to download for a single movie, so it's good to have a bunch of options and they have that in spades here.

A visit to their tour will likely tell you whether this site is for you or not. The parties are a lot of fun here and it shows through with happy amateur models having a good time. One caveat is that they seem to use the same male models throughout the site, and don't switch it up too much, so take that for what it's worth.

Also strangely they don't have dates on their scenes, which I find a bit puzzling for a site of this quality. Also since they have been updating, why not brag about it a little bit. Shrug.

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Posted by: sameer [karachipakistan] on 03-26-09

one nice site

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