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Initial Review: 09-10-10 | by: Socks Manly
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Tied Virgins Review

I feel a bit torn in reviewing this site. It’s good to get it listed quickly, and in fact it was started earlier this month, and the domain didn’t even exist 2 months ago! Then again, it seems a testament to hard work that something was born of nothing so fast.

It’s too early to be reviewing it, yet here I am forced to give it a score and send it on its way to our viewers. What to say. I think they have a good concept of doing a softcore light bondage site with sexy women, and I like that they struggle with their restraints trying to free themselves. However I don’t think they’re really executing it right just yet.

I just feel like they could be doing more with what they have. They’ve got the ladies, the site is built, so let’s hope they can adapt quickly and make things better. My major concerns are that the videos aren’t quite HD when they advertise them as such, and it’s simple to just save them at a better resolution. If their camera is giving them this weird 1080×780 resolution then hey, it’s time to grab a new camera I think and encode at 1280×720 like everyone else does.

Then there’s the small files. Since all the videos I got were 1:54 of less, something tells me it’s the camera again. Why stop at 1:54? It seems short and unfinished. Make the girl crawl around for an hour, untie her, retie her, make her feel like she did a day’s worth of work I say. They just have to aspire to more than 2 minutes, for the love of all things unholy.

As far as the pictures go, they come in at a good standard sized resolution, but again I think could use more work. In this area I’d just like them to triple the amount of pictures they take, and move around the room more, especially between shots. Get some closeups. Get down on the floor and make some upskirt shots, etc. I saw one set with a girl tied in a chair and all the pictures were pretty much in front of the chair with her looking slightly different. It did have some tease to it, as it was a non-nude scene and you get a nice view between the girl’s legs at her bare pussy through lace panties. Nice touch. More like that please, but move around more and more closeups.

I like that they update every 2 days, as this Tied Virgins will need to grow pretty quickly to retain members. Hopefully they’ll spend some time perfecting their craft and turn this into a really nice niche light bondage site.

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