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Review Update: 02-08-12 | by: Socks Manly
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1By-Day Review Update

Wow Furry did such a thorough job in his 2008 review that it would be a shame to replace it, so I’ll do a shorter 1By Day review update instead.

The free tour tells us a bit about the how much content we can expect here, claiming 1,246 models, 3,878 full length videos, full HD quality, and 7 updates every week as they themselves made famous. They’ve even kept it as their tagline – A beautiful babe every day.

One thing I noticed is that some of the HD videos are at 720p, while others are available in both 1080p and 720p. For whatever reason, 1By Day doesn’t release every video at 1920×1080 1080p. Seems curious, maybe they do it simply to keep transfer rates down, or use up less space on their servers. Couldn’t tell you.

Inside the members area, I like how they’ve laid out their scene pages, it’s a little bit different than any other I’ve seen. The most striking difference is a screenshot browser that lets you skip through the frames of each scene to give you an idea if you’re interested or not. Below there are options for downloading or streaming the video, and then there’s a photo browser below with lots of features.

The download options are 1920×1080 (1080p) again, not available for all videos, but many have them. Then there’s the 1280×720 (720p) files which are still HD just not as huge, and medium sized 640×480 videos. The file sizes at 1By Day range quite a bit, so for this random video I’m looking at, the 1080p is 1GB, the 720p is 350 MB, and the 640×480 is 95 MB. Streaming is available at the same sizes, at 12,000 kb, 4,000 kb and 1,000 kb respectively.

I liked that they tell you how big each file is before downloading it, so you can make better choices. It’s a nice detail that’s often overlooked. You can even choose from 2 different servers when downloading videos, in case one goes faster for you. Another thing I’ve never seen anywhere else, and it adds real value for members of 1By-Day.

The photo browser is pretty cool, letting you switch between small, medium and large pictures, how many pictures per page you see, and a link to download a zip.

The most unique photo feature though is that you can choose between Regular, Simple, Lightbox and Cooliris, all different ways to view the photo sets. Pretty ingenious I have to say, and everyone will have a different favourite.

As for navigation, the model index at 1By Day is useful and includes a rating and tells you how many scenes each model appears in right on the nav page before clicking through. This is important when they have nearly 1,250 models to choose from!

If you want to go even deeper into the site you’ll need to visit the archive, where all content 2005 and prior is located.

They also have a page with lots of wallapapers designed for your desktop. If you put naked chicks on your desktop, they have a wide selection here, more than I’ve seen at any other paysite.

There’s a lot to like here, they run a professional operation, have been shooting their own content at DDF Studios since the 90’s, and their website members areas are top notch. Truly one of the world’s top sites.

One note on membership: You’ll need to signup at DDF Prod if you want access to all 13 of their sites. If you signup to 1By-Day directly, you only get access to the single site. DDF Prod membership costs $44.95 a month, whereas membership to only 1By-Day is $26.95 a month.

Latest Review: 02-12-08 | by: Furry Monster | Last Updated: 02-08-12

1By-Day Review

1By-Day is a pretty strange title, but it makes more sense if you read it as “1 By Day”. They used to add a new girl everyday. That may not be such a huge thing today, but back in 2000 when the site was born, it sure was. They started calling it “1by-day & 1-by night” since the summer of 2007, to accentuate the fact that they switched to 2 updates a day. And by two updates, I mean 2 photo galleries and 2 high definition movies.
1By-Day is the leading site of DDF Productions, a studio based in Budapest, lead by the French photographer Denys Defrancesco. Together with Private, they’re responsible for finding and showing most of the Hungarian girls in the business. 1By-Day only needs ten more girls to reach the magic number of 1000 models. And they do have some of the most gorgeous girls on the web. Model-slim girls are quite an usual sight here.

As I said, 1By-Day is big on Hungarian starlets, but there are some other models as well. Even some famous ones like Aria Giovanni, Sylvia Saints, and Aneta Keys. They obviously have the big names from Hungary as well, like Michelle Wild, Sandra Shine, Eve Angel, Sandy, Mya Diamond, and Dorothy Black. Check out Bambi, a new personal favourite of mine! A lot of girls have casting phots and vids, that’s quite nice.

Let’s talk about the most interesting part, the content itself. Each update has both a photo gallery and a movie. The most common ones are solo, lesbian genre comes second, and hardcore fucking scenes are a bit rare in comparsion. The galleries have excellent explicit photography, with a lot of spreading, and many closeups of the pussy. Both the lesbian and straight hardcore movies have really good action. There are many sets with big dildos, even long, double-sided ones. I’m normally not that big on masturbation vids, but it’s a whole other experience to watch movies in HDV quality. Especially with their good camerawork and closeups.
I’m only giving the site 19/20 for quality, because many sites offer bigger resolution photos than 2000×1328. Their HDTV quality vids respresent the best quality on the net. There is one possible downside, that the actors don’t speak English, most videos have no speaking, and some of them have Hungarian.

1 By Day not only has a great design, but a pretty good structure as well. The countdowns to the next update are fun. You can browse the newest updates by week on the main page. They also have a model directory, sorted by letters, with thumbs. Each model has a page, with only vague information like birthday, bra size, and hair color. You can reach all of their content from the model pages. Too bad that there is no link back from the galleries to the model pages though.
The Categories page is a search function basically. The little images represent criteras/categories, you can cross out which ones you’re not interested in. The whole thing looks very nice, but sadly it didn’t seem to give me the right results. Unfortunately this makes it impossible to browse the categories even.
The photo viewer is quite comfortable, with an optional slideshow and ZIP download feature. The movies are not only available in DivX, MPEG, QuickTime, and WMV formats, but also streamable Flash videos (like YouTube). The MPEGs are segmented, the rest are full length files. The lowest available bitrate is 464Kbit, the highest ones are 4Mbit.
While it’s not crucial, it would be nice to have an option to rate the sets, and list top rated ones. Some of the other top rated sites also have a My Favourites feature, that’s missing here as well.

I find it nice that they separate the older sets into an archive. If you’re browsing their main database, you only get the highest quality. However that doesn’t mean that the others are bad. DDF has always been ahead of its time. I checked a set from 2004, and it had great looking pictures in 1600×1000 resolution. The situation is a bit worse in the movie section, 2006 ones I’d still watch, the older ones are too bad looking for my taste. The 20,000+ videos number on the main page refers to segments. If you count the full scenes, I’d say there are about 800 of them in good quality, which is still an extraordinary number for content like this. As for the photo galleries, I’d say at least 1800 of them are good quality.

1 By Day is a very good site with tons of great exclusive content, it can keep one entertained for a long time. I wish that they fixed the search engine. There’s one more issue, I had slow download speeds sometimes. Maybe it’s only an issue from Europe – their server is located in USA now. I’d love to hear other people’s reports on that. Otherwise I can only recommend 1By-Day to both people who like their fresh models, and to the lovers of HD quality. Membership is a tad pricy, 25 Euros for the first month (37$), and 20 Euros (29$) for the rest. There are better deals for longer periods, it’s worth considering them. You might need to buy a bigger hard drive though. 🙂

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User Comments

Posted by: Airbag [Spain] on 12-23-05

1by-day and the same girl 1 day-by month… The girls are not very beautiful in general, the harcore section is very poor, the videos could be too much better… Don’t spend your money here. I was bored the second day of subscription.

Posted by: naveed [kashmir] on 10-20-05

tylene buck is more sexy than 1by-day thats for sure.if anybody ask me which women u like sex in the world and i say tylene buck.

Posted by: DVA [Oslo, Norway] on 05-07-05

On the upside the site contains a lot of beautiful wyoung women from the eastern europe.
But on the downside the connection is poor.
Once you have found an interesting girl and want to download the AVI-files they are deleted from the site. Only the photos are left.
So one have to … [read more]

Posted by: ron m.r [u.s.] on 03-15-05

the upside, the girls are top-notch…however there’s a lot of downside….site navigation is very poor, and it took awhile to figure out, in fact it was something of a rubick’s cube.downloading is a chore as there seems to be no sigle file opption, but rather you’ll need to download each … [read more]

Posted by: Rita [DDF Prod] on 03-01-05

Dear Visitors!
We solved the problem! We know our servers were too slow, so we installed a brand new server park. Hope you will be satisfied. Waiting for your comments.

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