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Latest Review: 06-07-11 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 06-07-11
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A Measure Of Curiosity Review

The first time we looked at AMOC aka A Measure of Curiosity was in 2003, and they continue to update the site since then as it clearly isn’t the same site as when we looked at it back then! It has the same owners in the same style of shooting, so that’s all the same, but of course the content has been updated quality wise in an attempt to keep up with the Joneses.

They have raised their prices since 2003, from $12.95 to today’s price of $15.95. Still a great deal, especially considering that they are in a very small and rare niche and there aren’t that many sites for fans to enjoy.

AMOC is based out of the UK, with sexy British girls undressing for the camera, often in an embarrassing environment. Many times that involves undressing to full nakedness in front of several girlfriends or a guy. There are also scenes where a girl is undressed by another person.

One thing that has me scratching my head, as I wonder how the site is so small still. For a site that’s nearly 10 years old, I expected to find more than 20 videos here. However there are only 20 videos here. It could be that when they did their new 2011 update, the content was wiped clean and their adding new content or slowly re-adding some of the things that used to be there. I’m not sure. there are more photo sets then there are videos, with nearly 100 photo sets available.

I’d also expect that a site that has recently gone through a revamp would be uploading their videos in HD. The videos here are 720×576, which isn’t that far short of HD, but there is quite a difference. Also the videos are interlaced, something that we never like to see, as they don’t look as good as they should on LCD monitors.

AMOC is a download only site, there is no streaming of the videos here.

Another small thing to note is that the best quality images are only available in zip files, so you’ll need to download the zip file if you want to see the pictures at their finest. Some users might even miss that if they never bothered to download a zip before.

In many ways the site sort of reminds me of the CFNM niche, but here the girls get naked. It is quite a bit different, but getting a group of girls together for a softcore scene is a common feature seen at many CFNM sites. If you like softcore porn, especially of British girls, the content here may appeal to you.

There’s a lot of personality at this amateur site, they have a long history behind them, and the latest update has gone a long way to improving the site. However I’m a little concerned with the size of the site, as there’s only a small amount of content here at the moment. If you’re more a fan of pictures anyways, this may have a lessened effect as there are more photo sets then there are videos.

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User Comments

Posted by: elgonzo [uk] on 07-22-08

This is one of the best sites around , if seeeing woman getting stripped is your thing , there are loads of shoots, all are softcore but the girl/girls always end up naked , it,s worth joining just for the xmas 03/04 updates were there is a 4 girl set

Posted by: Nakedguy / Philip [USA] on 03-07-06

AMOC is a sexy site and not hard core. But it is fun, has many cute girls who start out clothed and end up totally naked either by stripping or being stripped in some manor.
The quality of the photographs are wonderfull and all the girls are cute. We get to … [read more]

Posted by: Auxilia [UK] on 03-07-06

Yeah Lenny, the screenshot and review are waaaaay out of date – the site is well worth another visit. I’ve been a member since it virtually started and I love it!

Posted by: CaptainKlutz [UK] on 06-11-04

This is a very good softcore ‘niche’ site…If full striptease is your bag…You will really like this one…..Time for another review I think?

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