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Review Update: 01-29-11 | by: Socks Manly
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Abby Winters Review Update

Abby Winters is now offering ASS users a discount in the form of a coupon code. Simply use this coupon code when signing up and you’ll get the lower price on all join options. Note that this is a manual discount, you MUST paste in the code in order for it to work. A great deal for a great site!

The AbbyWinters.com discount coupon code is: L6SA1303W2R8

Latest Review: 01-25-07 | by: Furry Monster | Last Updated: 01-29-11

Abby Winters Review


NOTE: We are now offering a discount coupon code for Abby Winters. The code is “L6SA1303W2R8” and must be pasted into their join form. Please see the end of this review for more information.

Abby Winters site just keeps getting better and better. This Australian porn enthusiast was sick of all the crappy porn floating around in the mid-90’s, and vowed to do something about it. And thus, AbbyWinters.com was born. Abby takes her porno very seriously, and interestingly enough she doesn’t appear much herself throughout the site. “But isn’t this a site about her?” I can hear you asking… Nope, it’s a site by her, for you. Completely amateur in nature, Abby takes all the pictures and goes into things with a very professional attitude, yet the girls who appear on the site are very amateur, most have never posed nude before.

Abby Winters currently holds content of 932 models, 1728 photo sets, and 1761 videos. That’s a magnificent amount, and everything in here is genuine, exclusive amateur content. Almost all of the girls are 18-21 years old, there’s a few older ones up to the age of 35. Each model has a great model page, with a few sentences about the girl, photos, videos, lists (more about that later), and board threads.


Both Socks Manly and I (Furry Monster) agree, that this site has the most user-friendly interface around. Usability is great, almost everything is clickable, the site is filled with features and extra information, yet it’s easy and natural to use.

Let me go into the details a bit. As usual, there’s an update list on the main page, with the newest additions, illustrated with photos. The News Archive has all updates since October 2004. There’s an extensive sitemap as well, where every important page is accessible.

The sorting and search options are great. You can list the models in each section by Name, Age, Debut Date, Last Update, or Random. You can search for a name in one section, or in all of them. The advanced search option is sophisticated, and it works great. I chose the easy way, and made you a screenshot of it. 🙂

As you may see on that screenshot too, the site has a great special feature called Lists. It has two functions. Firstly, the webmasters have basically created a lot of browsable and searchable categories this way, ranging from Anal Insertions, through Goosebumps, to White Cotton Knickers.

But there’s an even more innovative feature too: the members can create their own lists, and share it with others! It seems to be quite popular, people have made a lot of lists like Flying Girls, Smiles And Eyes, or Moments of Ecstasy. Members can assemble two kinds of list, the regular ones like the above, and there’s a separate list type for favourite pictures and models.
There’s one more amazing option – Custom ZIP files. You can select which images in the set you would like to download, click a button, and the site will create a custom ZIP file for you.

Abby Winters photos

Now to the meat of the site – the content! The main section (Regular membership) always has new models, with solo sets. They are really well done, as you can see from the samples. She’s very picky about who appears on the site, and whether they’re ‘right’ for the theme here. Abby’s members don’t like the fake breasted beauty queens, and so she’s picky about being not too picky, if that makes any sense, whatsoever. Simply put, there isn’t any airbrushing here. She doesn’t take 10 pictures of each girl and call it a day, and the background and setting for the shoots is unique almost every time. Each shot is in a new location with a new theme.

I have to admit I’ve never seen a naked girl mowing the lawn before, but I think my house is gonna have to have tall fences now…So anyways, Abby Winters takes the photography end of running a porn business very seriously, because that’s her business. If the pictures aren’t great, her members are very vocal. The site has one of the busiest forums I’ve seen in a members area, which is a great thing to see. User interaction = customer satisfaction if you ask us.

At some point Abby wanted to bring the site to a whole next level, but many members wanted to keep the low price. That’s how the Gold section was born. With a Gold membership, you get some more exclusive content, new sections. The Gold sections are:

Girl-Girl – Let me quote them. “Our girl-girl shoots are different to what you might be used to – the girls interact with eachother, rather than perform (and acknowledge) the camera.” There’s one new Girl-Girl photo or video set every Saturday.
Redux – Popular models come back to shoot new content, often a bit wilder.
Intimate Moments – The girls masturbate alone, with noone else in the room. Updated more than once a week.
Deviations – “Darker” themes, like gothic girls, exotic girls, pregnant models, boy-girl sets.
Backstage – Those sets which didn’t meet Abby’s high standards.
Dressing Room – Dressing room shoots are of models getting dressed, done in a vouyeristic style, and with a lot of attention to small but interesting things, like knickers being pulled up over a bum, or the mechanics of putting a bra on. Updated weekly. Photo resolution is 1472×981, quality is perfect.

Abby Winters videos

The movies have the same Regular and Gold categories like the photos. They also have their own lists: Activity, Explicit, Kissing, Masturbation, Lotion, Double Intimate Moments, Nudity, Outdoors, Sexual Activity, Live Sounds (background noises made by traffic, birds, etc.), Peeing, Talking, Recommended, Topless.

The movies are 5-10 minutes long mostly, they’re sensual and lovely. There’s a lot of them with the girls talking about themselves, with a sweet Aussie accent. There are solo girl movies, toys, lots of good outdoor scenes, and something that’s really unique – sometimes Abby actually goes to the girl’s houses to shoot at home with them. Again, I’ve never heard of this being done before. How intimate, it’s about time we see a girl wearing her OWN clothes for a change! I loved the lesbian sets, they have a lot of kissing.

The files are available in WMVs and MPEGs. The WMVs have a 1152 kbps bitrate, they’re great quality, and you can watch them both streamed, or download them.


Ladies and gentemen, ASS has a new title contender. Abby Winters is not only one of the best amateur sites, but one of the best adult porn sites overall. It has hundreds of models from thin to plump, from shaved to hairy. Even some rare content like gothic or peeing. Everyone will find the girls to their likings, as long as they like natural beauty. Loads of creative content, always adding new stuff, it will keep you satisfied. Abby Winters has the best site interface I’ve ever seen, great support, and interaction with the staff and other members.
With a Regular membership, there’s seven updates a week, plus there’s at least two Gold updates every week, but they usually add more.

The lists feature is a great help for finding the most interesting stuff in such a large collection. It’s hard to say any downsides, the only one I can think of is that there are no really long videos.

Sometime last year they split their site up into three sections, so there are now several membership types at Abby Winters. Solo gives you their solo models for $25, their Girl-Girl membership provides access to lesbian content for $30, or there’s also the intimate moments masturbation content for $25 as well. If you want all three sections, it’s $39 monthly. Note that these prices are PRE-DISCOUNT. Please see below for our Abby Winters discount code to save some money off these prices.

You may also wish to check out these other interesting related sites: I Shot Myself, I Feel Myself, and Beautiful Agony.

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User Comments

Posted by: Abby Fan [Here or There] on 03-02-12

> I have been a fan of Abby
> Winters for a long time.But because of financial limitations I was
> never able to join.
> But with your latest addition the VOD option,I can enjoy The site
> almost as if I had a full membership.10 video/photo sets for $14.95
> is the best … [read more]

Posted by: Lorien1977 [London] on 02-28-12

Abby Winters is more
than just your average porn site, it is an experience! From my point
of view, its a site I could (and will be) share with my girlfriend,
or enjoy on a solo basis. The women are naturally beautiful, but at
the same time beautifully natural. You can get to know … [read more]

Posted by: jacob [trondheim] on 02-18-12

my wishes about a site:
full equality, boys and girls
boys secion with a penis size measurment, and statistics of lengt and girdth
a “blind date” section, to meet willing accidental partners
companions of the site, all participants who have three entries, solo, an orgasm and an entry with several participants. participants earn extra!
entry … [read more]

Posted by: dr_jaymz [venezuela] on 01-26-12

awesome site, real girls, no plastic, no fake, just real next door girls… i love it!!!

Posted by: alexg844 [USA] on 12-04-11

Very nice site!

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