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Initial Review: 10-03-07 | by: Mr Miyagi Muffer | Last Updated: 09-09-09
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Alexis Golden Review

Lets meet Alexis Golden. A blonde haired Milf who just loves to fuck. This swinger turned internet model is a busty sex nympho who plans to fuck more men and women. This is her official homepage as she offers a nice variety of images and movies for all members to watch.

The website has about 21 different image galleries with about 25 images in each one. They look pretty nice and can be downloaded individually. There is quite a bit of gangbang material and you can tell Alexis just loves to get into the action. As a self proclaimed “anal whore” you can expect to see lots of ass play as well. There are also about 45 different videos for download that run for about 7 minutes each in length. The videos look great and can be downloaded in Windows Media Player format. The action is very hardcore with footage of anything from cum swapping to DP. Alexis is not lying when she says she loves the cock. Some more stream and video options would be nice to see.

The site is presented nicely with a colorful design and the content is organized neatly. Updates come twice a week which is pretty good. Navigation is reasonable and download times are okay. Alexis posts in her blog about her daily life which is quite interesting and informative for members to see. There are also web cams featuring Alexis and some of her naughty friends.

Not bad at all for a solo model website. One thing you can really tell is that Alexis really does love to fuck. This anal slut puts on a show. Her fuck friends also make the experience an enjoyable time. The cost of membership is decent and the quality of the footage here is pretty good. Two thumbs up Alexis.

Review Update: 09-09-09 | by: Socks Manly

Well, it’s safe to say that Alexis Golden got a raw deal the first time around from our site. Unless her site did most of its improvement in the 2 years since we first had a look at it, which is entirely possible. I wish the videos here had dates, but alas they do not.

I do see that she has a VERY updated blog though, so that points to it being busy over at least the last year. She’s made like 10 posts just in August which recently passed. Nice!

I love a lot of the things about this site. Mostly that Alexis Golden is a total firecracker pornstar who loves to get fucked in every way possible, by who-the-fuck-ever. She’s married, and loves to share her sexual escapades with strangers with her husband. I even saw a video of him jerking off on her face while she told him what a naughty slut she was earlier that day. Unreal.

Her video section looked absolutely massive at first glance, with nearly 260 videos listed. However it seems lots are part of the same video, cut up into as many as 20 parts! They’re not tiny clips anyways, each around 5-15 minutes. Lots of video here.

Similar things are going on in the photo sets, as there are nearly 100 sets, but some are split into 3-5 parts.

The photo viewer was a real disappointment too, as it uses some lame frame on the left side. Think of a long column of thumbs going down for pages and pages in your browser, and when you click one it loads to the right. Super basic and not very useful.

To make matters worse, viewing photos on the site didn’t even work in Firefox or Google Chrome. I had to load up Internet Explorer to finally see a photo in full size. I just get a white page on the right hand side in my preferred browsers. Hrmph!

I’ve kind of come to expect these kind of problems and hiccups over the years reviewing porn sites, especially amateur made sites like this one. I’m super happy she’s publishing her sex life on the web though, and so I can put up with some of the bullshit, all things considered. Where else could I get this stuff after all. Anyways, the trick is to use Internet Explorer. Then it works fine.

She also does live cam shows, and keeps that well updated blog as I said earlier. She had a custom content thing that would have been cool, but when I went there it seemed to not be working anymore or at the moment.

I can easily recommend Alexis Golden’s website, even with all the problems. She’s a cock loving milf whore who loves her cuckold husband and just about anyone else who’ll fuck her. She takes care of her site, but probably doesn’t know how to fix all the issues herself. She has sex with black guys, white guys, at swinger parties, other women, and even some of her website members! Crazy chick.

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