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Initial Review: 07-28-08 | by: Furry Monster
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American Vice Review

American Vice is a DVD download site. They currently have 1480 retail pornos from various studios and genres, which can be downloaded as full movies or by scene. American Vice is proud of their Rebel search engine, which lets you do advanced searches – more on that later.

Unfortunately you can’t browse the site by studio. They have stuff from bigger studios like Extreme Associates, Mayhem, Sin City, but also a lot of obscure stuff from small studios, even Brazilian stuff. Apart from the regular hardcore movies, American Vice also holds a lot of extreme stuff, BDSM flicks (not the soft kind), shemales, and bisex movies. I recommend you simply check out their selection, it’s all out in the open.

While American Vice seems to have a very sophisticated interface, it’s not as good as it looks like. Basic functions like a list of studios or list of actresses is missing. There is a text search box, but you can’t specify if you’re looking for a girl, a movie, or something else. It’s not unusual to get a lot of useless matches. The thumbnails are quite small in the list of scenes too, and they don’t show the actress names until you’re on the movie’s page. If you’re on the page of a specific scene, there’s no easy way to see all of the scenes from that flick.

The Rebel search engine is quite a good idea, it could work brilliantly if they corrected the problems listed above. Let me break it down to you. In the beginning you see the list of all movies, and all scenes they carry. They have tons of criterias you can choose, like redhead, big tits, tattoo, POV, titty fucking. Every time you click on one of the criterias, it narrows down the scenes selection. So in the end you should only have scenes where a redhead with big tits and a tattoo is getting titty fucked POV style! 🙂
There are two tabs, DVDs and Scenes. While a scene may have many tags, movies usually only have 1-2. You can use the Rebel engine to find Asian or Blowjob themed flicks.
Some more extras on the interface include checking your history of downloads (and redownload them if you wish), and you can add scenes and movies to your Favorites and Wishlist.

The movies are only available in WMV format currently. They can be streamed and downloaded in 500k, 1000k, and 2000k bitrate files. Flash Video (like YouTube), iPod, and QuickTime formats already have an icon, but they’re not added yet. I appreciated that downloading scenes isn’t your only option, you can also get full movies in one file, which are 2-3 gigabytes with the highest bitrate. The files have the movie titles in their name – however natural that may sound, many sites give files with random letters and numbers. There are no screencaps, I don’t miss them personally.
There are many movies which are a bit blurrier than they should be, but general quality is good.

The site is updated every 3 days with 5 new DVDs. Nice.

American Vice stands out from the other DVD sites a bit. It carries a lot of rare flicks. If you want the hottest new titles from the biggest studios, you should choose another site. If you’re bored with the mainstream and would like some more obscure stuff, American Vice might be a good choice. One of the main problems I had with the site is that the speed to Europe was really horrible. Fortunately they are very generous, there’s a free signup option which gives you 5 scenes. That’s pretty good for testing purposes.
Before you freak out, the token system is just an additional thing. American Vice offers an amazing price for the all-you-can-download membership, only 10$ a month!

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