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Latest Review: 01-17-08 | by: Furry Monster | Last Updated: 06-08-12
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Bang Bus Review

Our original Bang Bus review was very old, a new review was definitely due. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about this website before. It stirred a great deal of controversy in 2001-2002. Are these two guys really getting amateur girls to jump in the van with them, and persuade them to flash with some money? Would a regular girl really have sex with someone they’ve just met? The girls acted very convincing, it often took 20-30 minutes to get them to do stuff. That was only one part of the success though. The Dirty Sanchez and Ugly duo was hilarious, so all the preparation wasn’t boring at all! Bangbus was the kind of porn that was even safe to show at a party for pure entertainment. To sum it up, it was the beginning of reality porn.

Bangbus is a movie site, don’t expect pictures other than caps from the videos. They’re good to take a sneak peak at the action, but that’s all. Let me give you some more details on the story. There’s usually three guys cruising around in their van. The driver, the interviewer, and a third guy. Their aim is simple – find some girl for the third guy to bang. After a few failed attempts, they get a girl in the van. They usually make up some story about making a movie for their film class, and offer the girl some money to be their interview subject. Later in the interview they start asking more and more personal questions, about the girl’s boyfriends, sex life, and such. After a while they dare the girl to flash her tits for some money. Things get rolling from there. Soon you see the girl getting banged on the backseat and on the floor of the van, while the driver is still driving the car.

The ending was funny in some episodes too, where they’d let the girl get out to pee, and they drive away laughing. In fact they’re constantly joking and are pretty misogynist throughout, treating the girls with disrespect – probably because of they’re about to do with a complete stranger for fifty bucks?

Many years have passed, and the Bangbus is still going strong. I miss some of the old characters, but it’s still good stuff. They have been adding a new girl every Wednesday, and they have over 240 ladies now! They do a pretty good job at selecting them too, there are a lot of hot girls, many latinas, girl-next-door kind of amateurs, and some cheap girls too. I especially enjoy the fact that they cruise around in the sunny South Beach, Miami, where girls walk around in tiny clothes! There was a period when they recorded some episodes in Europe, but they’re back at home now.

The technical side evolved throughout the years, there’s a huge difference between the old and current video quality. They look good, although now that it’s 2008, I think it’s time for them to start adding HD quality clips. Hopefully they will, there’s already some on their other sites. The main format is WMV here, you can download or stream them in segments or one big file. The MPEGs are only available segmented now.

Bang Bus is a lovely site. I think the old episodes were more original, although I love some of the new reversed episodes, where they have a porn actress as the girl, and they pick up some guy to fuck her. Obviously that’s not so hard to achieve. 🙂
You should know that the episodes are one hour long, so they include a lot of driving around, talking, joking with the girls. As I said they have over 240 girls, so there’s a lot of content to watch. Plus the Bang Bros network is really good too. You get access to over 10 great sites for 24$ a month, with thousands of movies. The interface is user-friendly, you can browse the websites, actresses, top rated episodes, global updates. If you like latinas, big butts, it can’t miss. It’s one of the few porn sites that I visit weekly myself, so I can safely recommend it.

Review Update: 06-08-12 | by: Socks Manly

Hard to believe that when we first wrote a review of Bang Bus they only had 30 scenes up! Pretty oldschool by today’s standards. I remember sites from 1996 though (some we still list here at ASS!), so even 2002 was a long time after that.

Nowadays Bang Bus is a lot bigger, more proliferate, and still riding around Miami with a couple of jackasses filming girls having sex in their dirty, dirty van. Some very famous pornstars have graced their vehicle in the past few years, wanting to be part of the internet fame that is BangBus. Often replicated, never duplicated, as they say.

Bang Bus now claims 461 scenes, putting it in a dead heat with Big Mouthfuls as the largest site in the Bang Pass lineup of 47 websites. Tugjobs, Monsters of Cock and Ass Parade all have over 400 updates too. Huge!

If you’ve never been a member of Bang Bus and the Bang Pass network, you’re really missing out. They make some great porn here, among my all time favourite porn site networks.

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User Comments

Posted by: s m smohite [india] on 11-30-08

i like this site too much .bcoz ilk matur ladies ve

Posted by: Oliver [Hamburg] on 10-16-05

Here is a brief ordering of scenes for Maike’s fans and friends: Long (too long) conversation with Maike facing camera and partner at side; Maike strips to bra and continues conversation; Maike asks partner to help with catch at back and removes bra; more long conversation then Maike stands up … [read more]

Posted by: Gunter [Dortmund] on 10-15-05

Behold young Maike’s public rogering: http://www.bangbus.tv/jessica/al4a.html

Posted by: Lickitgood [Germany] on 10-04-05

Can you tell me, in which clip jessica (Maike) is to see? THX a lot

Posted by: Rolf [Hamburg] on 09-26-05

Regarding Maike (Jessica). One of my friends hooked up with this girl at a ski weekend earlier this year! He said she wasn’t especially “depraved” or anything, considering she’d been in a porn movie. She did ask kind of matter-of-factly whether he’d be going back to his own … [read more]

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