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Initial Review: 11-08-05 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 02-12-08
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Beautiful Agony Review

From the makers of I Shot Myself comes Beautiful Agony. I was pretty impressed after thoroughly looking through this site, which was just the obvious path to follow after logging in. A ridiculously simple site at heart, yet completely original and totally interesting. The concept is they have non-nude headshot videos of people having real orgasms. You don’t always know what’s giving them an orgasm, because you can only see shoulder up, which adds to the intrigue. Beautiful Agony is completely user-submission driven, and very community based, with a very active forum.

There have been 400 orgasms submitted to the site, both guys and girls. There’s significantly more girls, and the guys can be simply filtered out by clicking on “females” from the sidebar. The site is smart enough to allow you to tag your favourite videos, or only show you the ones you haven’t seen before.

Fortunately this site added a real nice twist in allowing people to submit a kind of interview, where they talk to the camera and the people at the site about a sexual story they have, an embarassing moment, how they felt doing the video, what they felt when they watched themselves having an orgasm, etc. I found it best to download both and watch the orgasm first, then the “confession”. This was very easy since one filename is named C001 and the other A001 for example, for model #001, the confession is C, the orgasm is A.

It’s interesting too that they limit each person to a single submission, but did create an extra section for people who wanted to do another, or talk more, or whatever. These are selected by the site owners, and are called Overkill videos.

Beautiful Agony was a beautiful find! I’m sure many of you out there enjoy seeing the beauty of the real deal orgasm, and with a new video coming out every 12 hours or so, it’s a little bit addictive too.

Review Update: 02-12-08 | by: Socks Manly

I think this site is overrated, plus they haven’t answered my e-mails recently.. I’m lowering the score for now

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User Comments

Posted by: Will Gamble [USA] on 12-31-07

Super ripoff, face only of fake orgasms. It is laughable.

Posted by: Roger [St Louis] on 02-16-06

A surprise. Face-only videos of people in orgasm is much more erotic than explicit stuff. Just the emotions. Nothing else touches it (except for the movie, Orgasm: Faces of Ecstasy).

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