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Initial Review: 12-17-08 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 05-02-10
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Blue Belle Review

I’m not sure what it is, but there sure are a lot of internet models from the UK! Maybe they’re just attracted to us or something, but we do get a lot of submissions for reviews from England. I’m totally not complaining though, I find the sites there are well done, more often than not.

BlueBelle.Biz is no exception, and I’m happy to have a chance to write a review for her. She’s definitely all woman, and I’m convinced Belle really enjoys what she does. To me that’s the real test of whether a model site passes or just gets by here at ASS. It’s the personal touch that really makes a difference.

The tour at Blue Belle gives me the impression that she’s very involved with the site, and that this is more of a one-off site rather than just another model site done by a big company. Again, I find that the personal approach generally leads to a better members experience.

So let’s jump into this one. I logged into the private password protected members area, and headed to the pictures area. I did a quick count, and there are 106 photo sets available at this point. The site was started in late 2007 going by the earliest set dates, so that’s a pretty good number of image sets.

The images are a mix of indoor, studio, and outdoor shots. Most of the sets are indoors in what seems like different locations, unless she has a pretty big house! There are also some white background sets, but they’re not as plentiful thankfully. I prefer to see some background myself. Anyways I liked the photos, I think she’s very creative with her clothing and set ideas, nothing to complain about here. One thing that’s a little different is that when Belle does an update, she adds 4 sets at a time. I’m not sure what the reason is, but whatever, not much of a difference. Updates are made every 2 weeks in the photo section.

Onwards and upwards to the video section, where I get a pretty homely feeling, like she makes her videos with her boyfriend or husband or friend or something. I’m not really sure. However they look more amateur than her photo sets (which I think is a good thing at a model site like this). There are around 25 videos posted right now, and they range from stripping and undressing to masturbating with her fingers or a dildo. There’s a shower video, a closeup of her pussy as Belle masturbates, a few where she dresses up and then undresses, but for the most part she’s playing with her pussy.

The videos seemed rather small to me, at around 20-50mb in size. However when I went to play the ones that I downloaded, they were 640×480 resolution WMV files, and were usually around 3 minutes long. Not bad considering the amateur nature of them. I would totally recommend that she produce some longer videos though, it’s just the way things are going. She talks in some of them, and has a very nice english accent as you’d expect.

In addition to her videos section, there’s also a webcam area, and she uses the CamZ service for this, with scheduled shows. There’s also an archive area, to see the shows you may have missed. There are currently 25 archived shows you can watch, and they’re labelled either Camz show, or Members show. Not really sure what the difference is exactly, other than obviously the Members ones are just for members of her site.

I was also very happy to find a very busy blog in the members area, where Belle keeps her fans updated on her life and activities. She does a great job here, and writes quite a bit on a regular basis. She definitely deserves some respect for putting in the time with this, it’s really important for some members. There’s also a forum too, but it wasn’t loading properly for me
at the time of this review. It says The server at bellesplace.boomp.com is taking too long to respond…

All in all this site feels older than one year, which is really the true test for a solo girl or model site. You can tell she’s put a lot of work into this. The price is right too, at $19.99 for a one month membership, and $55 for 3 months. I think BlueBelle.biz will be a great find for some of our readers here, a bit of a diamond in the rough!

Review Update: 05-02-10 | by: Socks Manly

As Nylo kindly stated below, Blue Belle seems to be having some hosting issues and their website isn’t responding. Hopefully they resolve it and get it back online, but in the meantime I’m going to set it to 0.

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User Comments

Posted by: Nylo [UK] on 04-30-10

Belle’s Bluebell site has been suspended as of this week

Posted by: Belle [UK] on 12-28-08

Hello Socks Manly!

Thank you for the lovely review! What a great Christmas Present! I just wanted to say that I am indeed having issues with my forum, and I’m getting nothing from their support guys, so am in the process of migrating to a new one!

All the best


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