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Initial Review: 10-09-03 | by: Socks Manly
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Bobbi Billard Review

Wow, this Bobbi Billard review took me wayyy too long to get done. I did login some time ago, but never finished the review. So I login and it says, “Hello! You made it!” way to rub it in huh?! 😉

Bobbi is a sexy blonde model whose appeared in quite a few magazines, advertisements, TV commercials, that kind of stuff. She’s got a set of knockers that would knock Shaq out if swung right, and a website that was put together pretty well. It’s not completely seamless (I got the odd pop-up and extra window from within the member’s area) but moving around the site is pretty easily accomplished, with a convenient Home button on just about every page. One thing they really need to change is how the pictures are viewed. Each time you view a picture a new window pops up, and it has to be closed in order to click on the next thumbnail. That means 3 clicks for every picture you see, not very efficient! This can be easily changed, and I suspect Bobbi will get on this after reading her review here. On the good side, the variety of pictures and settings is really great here.

The site is mainly a picture/video archive, including a lot of non-nude content as well as fully nude photo shoots. Also included are pictures and videos of Bobbi with some girlfriends, a diary, and a busy webcam show that she appears on a few times each week. The content on the site is well done, taken by a professional photographer with good lighting and poses. She stays pretty softcore on the site, opting for a more classy approach, I didn’t really see any spread eagle pussy shots or masturbation even, and definitely no hardcore. What she does do she does well, and the site has a good amount of stuff to be seen, page after page of Bobbi Billard photos.

The video section is broken up much like the photos area, and offers pretty high quality videos, from around 3mb to 10mb a piece. They downloaded pretty fast on our cable modem, nothing to bitch about there!

Overall a worthy amateur site from a beautiful blonde girl, she obviously puts a lot of work into the site and keeps the content coming. If you can get over the lack of hardcore, and especially if you enjoy sexy suggestive non-nude pictures, this site may be a good option for you. All original content.

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User Comments

Posted by: Lust 4 BB [New York] on 07-07-05

It appears that Bobbi’s stalker has made it to this page. I’m not surprised. There is no doubt that this guy is obsessed with her. He’s been trying to trash her for years.

I’ve been a loyal member on and off for a few years. There’s a reason why I … [read more]

Posted by: Bobby Fischer [Japan] on 08-24-04

It appears that the 3 comments posted here are from bobbi’s 3 best friends. That’s very predictable to say the least. Truth be known, after being tossed out of wrestling school and after being labled a whining complainer she’s all but put the kaibash to any future wrestling work. … [read more]

Posted by: gregory (a.k.a., “dreamon”) [s.b.ca.] on 03-01-03

well, i posted an extended commentary here previously. apparently, all those got “washed away” by some technical folly. so, i’ll go the short and sweet route this time, and just say:

the first time i saw the inside of bobbi’s members’ site and webcam show, i was glad i was sitting … [read more]

Posted by: VEE [Florida] on 02-27-03

I have been a member of BobbiBillard.com from day one. As the years have
gone by, Bobbi’s site has gone through changes that were always for the better.
She really cares for her guests and members and has always made changes that
benefit all. Best quality camera and software for the best quality … [read more]

Posted by: Bill [California] on 02-27-03

Bobbi Billard is an amazingly beautiful woman and this site is definitely worth the price of admission. Unlike many professional models with websites, Bobbi expends a great deal of personal effort in keeping the site updated and the content fresh. There are tons of pictures and movies, but the cam … [read more]

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