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Initial Review: 10-14-11 | by: Socks Manly
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Booty Licks Review

This is a babes site from the UK that has glamour type British girls undressing for the camera. There is no actual booty licking at this site, though the title Booty Licks kind of alludes to that. It’s a softcore site with a lot of tease.

Their updates area has dates going back to the summre of 2011, however their blog lists October (this month) as having the first entries. My guess is they just got started, unless they added the blog afterwards.

Having said that though, there is already a pretty large amount of content at the site, whether it was launched in the Summer or the Fall, so that’s good news.

It seems like all or at least a large majority of their models have 4 or 5 scenes included wearing different outfits, and some even more. Not all of the girls have videos, but if they do, there are 2 or 3 of those as well. So looking at the first model on the list here Amy, she has 3 videos and 5 photo sets up, all separately shot.

This is a softcore glamour babes site, and although the girls get naked, I don’t see any full on pussy shots. Either they keep their legs closed, or they cover their pussies with a hand. The tease factor is strong here.

I count 104 photo sets and 13 videos available at Booty Licks so far, so they heavily lean towards the photos. The videos are good, but it seems like only a handful of their models were willing to partake in them perhaps.

Add to that, the videos aren’t very big at all. I just picked two of them to download, one in MP4 format and the other a WMV, and they’re 25mb and 20mb respectively! Tiny by anyone’s standards. I have no idea what people are thinking when they take the time to actually shoot a movie and then make them so small. It’s 2011 last I checked!

The WMV is 640×480 and just over 2 minutes long, while the MP4 is 720×480 and 1:45 in length. I’d highly recommend they bump that up to at least 1280×720 so they can call it HD and shoot 15-20 minute long films. I understand it’s softcore strip teasing style stuff, but there’s no reason they can’t stretch it out to 15 minutes. They’d win over a lot of prospective fans with a move like that.

New photo sets are released every day or two, and sometimes even two in a day, so things are a bit unscheduled, but still very regular. There are usually about 80-90 pics in a set, and you can view the images in one size on the site, or download a zip of the entire sets.

Again, I’m underwhelmed by the size of the pictures. A whole zip of ~85 pictures is only about 12mb in size, because the pictures are at a smallish resolution of around 800×500. The file sizes are okay at ~130-150k each, but the resolution is small by today’s standards.

Booty Licks is lucky in that they’re just starting out, and they have a lot of things going for them. The models are sexy amateurs, the photography is pro-amateur level, the website functions nicely, and they shoot multiple scenes for each girl. Even the updates are being made regularly, and they have a good amount of content for a new site. I love all of that.

What’s not to love is the technical quality of the files they’re putting out. The videos need to be bigger and longer, and more importantly the photos need to be offered at much higher resolutions, and preferably in several sizes too.

Hopefully the owners of UK based Booty Licks will take this review to heart and step their game up, otherwise they’ll likely find it hard to compete and retain members in today’s cut throat market.

Oh, and I’d also recommend that if they’re going to keep their models coming back for repeat shoots (which I hope they do!) that they do some work on the girls biography pages. Fans want to know as much as they can about the girls.

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