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Initial Review: 08-07-03 | by: Max Harmer | Last Updated: 05-10-09
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Bruno B Review

After spending two minutes on Bruno B’s site, I knew it was a winner. The first sample video I watched, in which Bruno declares ‘I have the best job in the world, I get to have sex with girls for my website!’ in a heavy franophone accent, cracked me up.

Bruno B meets girls in clubs, at bars, through friends, and even posts newspaper ads to find his content. Almost 50 girls are on the site, and each has a full movie, and full pictorial gallery.

I think I downloaded about half of those girls, and saved them to disk. There’s something about French girls from Montreal that just turns me on. Most of the girls I’m sure are found through strip clubs. Either that, or the Quebecois parts of Montreal have the hottest chicks on the planet.

Bruno gets the girls back to his apartment, and after a quick introduction to the surfers, he proceeds to film her undressing. Within minutes he’s getting a blowjob, and, depending on the girl, he usually fucks them. His signature move, a facial, is quickly becoming referred to by members as ‘The B Treatment’.

One or two times Bruno turned me off though, Due to the fact he is Quebecois, a little exterior ‘roughness’ is expected. But when he approaches girls who have just undressed and says ‘You want to suck me now?’ .. It kinda kills the whole mood. Maybe if he even told a joke, right before asking for the blowjob. It’ll not only ease the mood during the shoot, his viewers will crack up. Already he ‘thrusts’ his pelvis at the mirror during his introduction. More personal touches like these are needed.

The movies are available in 6 formats. Three low speed feeds, as well as three high-speed feeds. The Low: 56k WMA, 128k WMA, 350k MPG and, The High: 228k WMA, 650k MPG, 700k WMA. For the purposes of this review, I was using the 650k MPEG feed. The videos were full screenable and top quality.

The pics available in the picset galleries are screencaps from the movies. If bandwidth is available, I suggest bypassing the pics altogether and going straight to the clips.

Updates come every week as Bruno adds a new girl to his site every Monday. [I know I’ll be logging in on Monday to see what Montreal cutie he catches this weekend.]

If I had any suggestions to Bruno it would only be to get some Anglo girls from the McGill or Concordia campus’. University students need money too! They have to pay for books!

BrunoB.com comes with extras aswell. TeenDreams, PrivateFeeds, Pornication, and other leased content sites are available through Bruno’s partnership with Gamma Extreme. All in all, the site is a worthy offering. BrunoB.com sells for $29.95 a month, not bad considering you get lots of Gamma Extreme content, as well as BrunoB nice content. The niche content alone is worth the $30.

Review Update: 05-10-09 | by: Socks Manly

This site isn’t operating anymore.

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User Comments

Posted by: david [covina] on 08-17-05

One of the best sites I seen, in a long time. Very good original content.

Posted by: Rearadmiral [Canada] on 01-26-04

I took out a full month membership on Bruno’s site because I was impressed by the previews. It is a pretty good site, though a bit repetitive. ONE WARNING THOUGH (maybe I was just naive) – don’t click on any of the links for other sites offered by … [read more]

Posted by: Socks [Toronto] on 12-29-02

You were hoping they didn’t get paid?! 🙂 Obviously they do

Posted by: El Camelot [Saxony] on 12-09-02

The story behind Bruno B. isn’t that bad. But we all know that these girls get paid…

Posted by: Max [California] on 12-03-02

Site is over rated.
This WOULD be a great site IF Bruno:
1) Didn’t wear a condom.
2) wouldnt fuck like a whimp. I think he’s more concerned with his video taping than the fucking.
Bruno the chicks are hot Dude…FUCK THEM!!!

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