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Initial Review: 09-03-02 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 05-10-09
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Bubble Girls Review

BubbleGirls has earned a reputation for the exclusive content they shoot on an ongoing basis, enough so that they have decided to sell it to other webmasters. That said, you may have seen the BubbleGirls as an extra addition to another paysite, but here at their own home you can find everything in its entirety.

The site features an exclusive photo shoot of each model, and usually between 7 and 15 medium length videos of each model. The movies are absolutely fantastic, and most take on the same style of production. The guy that shoots the videos basically invites the model in, starts to play around with her, gets her undressed and proceeds to make her cum using his hands, fingers, vibrators, etc. Even though the videos are in quicktime format and can’t be resized, the image quality is good and you shouldn’t find yourself squinting your eyes to figure out what’s going on. They have a good digital video camera and work hard to get quality video shoots. If you like elaborate scenes and backdrops the movies might bore you a tad, but if you’re like me and really enjoy seeing girls cum hard, this is a good place for that.

The pictures are good too, they’re not just captures from the videos like many sites do, they took the time and did it right and have some great poses. Doesn’t look like there’s much – if any – silicone on the site, and all the girls are shaved. The models are 90% white, and mostly in their teens to early twenties, some fine looking ladies…

Overall a simple site with lots of good stuff dating back to mid 2000, with at least 4-6 new girls every month. You may find some of this elsewhere, but this is where it came from originally and may be worth checking out, especially if you’re into amateur videos.

Review Update: 05-10-09 | by: Socks Manly

Weird site is online now, but not what it used to be. Different owners, they probably just scooped it because idiots like me still link to it! Well not tomorrow…

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User Comments

Posted by: Charlie [Ireland] on 01-26-09

Since I last posted here I have concluded that this is by far the best Porn-site on the Internet! Never mind the unchanging Home Page etc. The content is unbeatable and no where can you get the type of content that you get here. Technically it is perfect as well … [read more]

Posted by: Down Loader [Oregon] on 02-13-05

I’m a “down” loader because Bubblegirls just changed to a No Download site, which they don’t advertise. You have to keep paying every month and wait forever for the slow downloads every time you want to see a favorite scene.

Posted by: Pete Jay [Los Angeles] on 02-01-05

It takes forever to update the content and even the updates are really poor in quantity. The poor quantity absolutely overwhemls the good quality and I wonder if the webmaster has some problems.

Posted by: Charlie [Ireland] on 08-25-04

I like this site a lot. But not as much as the DVD’s which you can buy direct. I havejust viewed Jaycee!! What a lovely creature! Just 18 and totally natuiral.What I liked most was the way she was so willing to do everything the camaraman wanted as wellas possible. … [read more]

Posted by: Average Guy [DC] on 10-04-03

This is a good site with great videos of women forced to have real orgasms. Yes, the orgasms are real. You can tell by the way that their pussies contract when they cum! Unfortunately, updates on this site are RARE to NEVER. The updates page hasn’t changed … [read more]

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