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Initial Review: 12-08-03 | by: Big Khak | Last Updated: 05-10-09
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Chloe Jones Review

I must first start off by saying, that Chloe Jones is a very hot porn star. Then I have to also say that I was very unimpressed with her web portal. Lack of content, lack of updates, too much push on the leased content, the list goes on.

Before we step into the actual content of the site, I will first discuss some of the things that can be found on the website, and whether they work or not. The section entitled Chloe’s News, seems to just be a sex related blog, nothing to do with Chloe herself. Sorry, but i already read about Kobe Bryant raping a chick in a hotel. Under the Schedule, it was really very empty the whole time i was checking the site out, and did get updated for August (one week). The daily diary had been updated 4 times in the month of July, so really nothing exciting going on there.

There is a section for LIVE CHAT WITH CHLOE, and i figure it probably doesnt work very well considering she dont even update her daily diary. There is also a user forum, which works, but doesnt get used much. Maybe this should be moved to the non-members section?

As far as content is concerned, you are immediately confronted and told you are entitled to free leased content from Hustler, and are presented with a Whats New section, which tells us the site gets updated every few days with either a new gallery of Chloe herself, or some of her friends which can be seen in the “Friends Photo Gallery”. Chloe’s gallery itself contains galleries broken up into the typical 4 sections: Glamour, Amateur, Hardcore, and Road/Live. The Glamour
gallery contains 30+ galleried of Chloe posing out in different places: beside the pool, on a pool table, outdoors, in shooting galleries, etc.. The Amateur gallery mostly consists of everyday stuff, and some behind the scenes material. The big disappointment here is teh Hardcore galleries, which there are only about 10 of, which leads into the videos section, also disappointing. Videos range from Quicktime, Real Media, Streaming, you name it. Not a whole lot to see here really, with a lot of the section looking larger because of leased content being available.

The Friends Photo gallery, unfortunately, is the largest section of the whole site. Models, Pornstars, Fetish, and Hard-Core are the sections here, all exclusive content. But, we came here to see Chloe Jones and not everyone she knows. Although the galleries are nice, and the women very beautiful, it strays away from the content that brought us here.

Membership is $24.95 for a month, $59.95 for 3 months, and $95.95 for half a year. You also get a free Adult Video, but unfortunately, someone thinks it costs 6 dollars to ship a VHS within the US, so its not too great of a deal. The downside to all of this is there is no 3-5 day membership option. Unless you are absolutely balls over cock for Chloe, there are much better spots to drop 25 bucks for.

Review Update: 05-10-09 | by: Socks Manly

Site doesn’t exist anymore.

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