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Initial Review: 04-14-04 | by: Socks Manly
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Coccozella Review

Coccozella seems to be from somewhere in Europe, although I was unable to confirm this by surfing around the free area. Coccozella is a large archive of public nudity photographs, featuring some of the best quality nude beach photographs. What seperates Coccozella from other public nudity websites is the sheer number of places they’ve been, the variety of the places they visit, and the number of contributers, as this site seems to be highly driven by community contributions.

While this site does have it’s fair share of Carnival and Mardi Gras photos, this is hardly the whole site. At first I was disappointed when I scrolled down the page and saw the updates – I assumed this was all the updates for 2004. After looking at the dates though, this wasn’t even a full month’s worth of new content! The site is updated 7 days a week.

Moving past the updates section, there is a 2003 archive that contains 4 sections. It could be fairly easy to miss the fac that this section is broken down into 4 categories, and I admit I missed this at first. The categories are Nudism, Topless Beach, Carnival, and Public Nudity. Each section has multiple pages of content.

Another thing I loved about this site is how they tell you exactly when the pictures were taken, where, and if it was at some kind of special event there’s often a link to the event. This site could be used by serious nudist couples to plan their vacations and get a sneak peek at what to expect.

Here is an excerpt from the site’s owner, explaining about his philiosophy behind the site: A growing number of people are discovering the pleasure and joy that comes from shedding away the constraints of one’s clothing. It’s not only a sensual delight for the body, but the mind feels lighter and freer, too. Centuries of conditioning to make us think that there is shame to the sight of the nude body has over-sexualized it and forced us to hide behind unnecessary layers of textiles. Body awareness shrinks to almost nothing, the mind closes it’s self off from intimate contact with the world, & this is further reflected in repressive attitudes and closed-mindedness in all walks of life.

I was a bit disappointed at the number of photographs per set, but this is often the case with these sites. It isn’t always easy to sneak a picture of someone! The norm is about 15-25 images per gallery.

Included with a membership password to Coccozella is a password to Coccospice as well, a more hardcore site in nature, but still outdoors and/or in public. These people run a few more sites, such as one called Ganesha, but we haven’t looked at these sites yet in any detail.

As it is, Coccozella is one of the better sites in this arena, and is well worth checking out if you like this kind of stuff. You can certainly see a great deal of the world’s beaches at this site. 🙂

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