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Initial Review: 12-04-03 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 04-07-09
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College Fuck Fest Review

College Fuck Fest or CFF is a an episode a week movie based adventure, bigger than any we’ve seen before by a reality porn site. The basic concept sees a couple of guys travelling through the United States to visit and host large college dorm parties. They mostly seem to be held at frat houses, and can get pretty fuckin crazy.

In a single section of a single episode (usually there are 6 clips in each episode, 30 megs a piece, around 180mb in total) I saw a guy stick a rocket-like firecracker on a stick down the back of his pants, get it lit by a friend, and have it explode on his ass. Then two seperate guys took a go at some 190 proof grain alcohol called Gem Clear or Everclear. Then they leave the party and douse an old couch with gasoline and set it afire, in what could easily be recognized as a suburban neighbourhood. Then they met some old disabled guy on a motorized wheelchair thing and got him to yell out College Fuck Fest from the side of their car.

I also saw a beer bong that stretched from the roof of a house to the driveway, the odd girl flashing her tits, someone attempting to breathe fire for what seemed to be his first time – hey, he only burnt himself the first two times, and got it right on the third! I guess this is what happens when you bring a bunch of free kegs to a college party and bring the College Fuck Fest video crew.

So now I know you’re wondering, wait a minute, there IS porn here right? Well, there sure is. This IS a porn site review site after all. Each College FuckFest episode there is at least a single standard porn getaway, where they escape to a back room and usually have some kind of a hardcore sex scene. Sometimes it’s a boyfriend / girlfriend combination getting it on, sometimes a girl/girl scene, and others just a single girl going to town on herself. There are even a few orgy scenes with 4+ people. These scenes usually last for 2-3 of the 6 total scenes of each episode.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to view all of the episodes, but as of now (August 1st, 2003) there are 42 seperate episodes available for download. The video clips aren’t always 30mb in size, and sometimes get upwards of 50mb for each of the 6 clips per episode. I think this site above all others is the most video based porn site we’ve had the pleasure to review. You just could never capture the essence of these College Fuck Fest episodes through pictures alone.

What more to say other than this is one of the most “out there” reality porn sites we’ve seen. If you just want to see two people have sex, there are defintely better sites than this one. But overall this is an experience I was glad to have been witness to, and is a refreshing change from the average hardcore teen porn site. College Fuck Fest is a great idea, and it’s been pulled off pretty well here. I’d love to see the sex scenes become more a part of the actual party, but actually now that I think of it sometimes they are – there was that blowjob in the bathroom, and the boy-girl sex in the backseat of a truck inside the garage. So yeah, anyways, CollegeFuckFest.com is a very interesting site indeed!

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Review Update: 04-07-09 | by: Socks Manly

One of the best reality sites of alltime, made in the reality porn heyday years of 2003-2004, College Fuck Fest also known as CFF really pushed the limits back then. They held sex parties at dorm rooms, bringing porn whores along to ensure party success.

The girls would fuck in public many times at the parties, while college students stood around drinking beer, ogling the girls. Lots of girls at the parties too, pretending to either like or pretend like they don’t.

This drunk girl party porn site was even featured on many of the big TV networks, including CNN, ABC, 60 Minutes and Dateline NBC.

It’s gone through some ownership changes through the years, and was really put on the back burner. It was kind of crazy to see it stop updating, but it happened somewhere along the way. The site claims to have new updates like “New Years 2009” for example, but I don’t know how much of that to believe. This company is notorious for re-dating updates and claiming they’re new again.

All in all there are 91 sets at College Fuck Fest, whether that grows is yet to be seen. The movies are around 100-250mb each so it’s not too oldschool to be enjoyable still. They do have some of the best reality porn scenes made here, so if you’re fan of that kind of thing it’s a sure bet.

Also nowadays this company has grown to include 59 sites you get as part of this network. So if College Fuck Fest isn’t quite your thing, there’s plenty more to explore.

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User Comments

Posted by: Kevin [Florida] on 11-20-04

This site does not update regularl anymore, which is too bad.

But that being said, this has some of the most realistic reality scenes I’ve seen, even if they do bring the girls with them to the parties.

There are quite a few girls I have only seen on this site, which … [read more]

Posted by: Mark [Michigan] on 04-07-04

While these guys may attend parties, the only fucking that goes on is with actual porn stars, not some girl they found at a party. Most likely they brought the girl with them. Case in point, the “co-ed girlfriend” of the guy featured in “Fuck Fest #46” (around … [read more]

Posted by: JR [FRANCE] on 03-11-04

It is impossible to get into this site I paid and cannot enter at this time.
The login page is shit

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