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Initial Review: 07-03-04 | by: Cherry Buster
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Color Climax Review

After hearing a lot about both the Color Climax website and magazine I finally decided I should review it for ASS. When loading up the page you’ll get a few popups and such, which is normal these days but you’ll also notice underneath all that, Color Climas has a pretty basic and clean page. When you start traveling through the free section you’ll see the good use of flash they provide to make it stand out among other pages.

If you don’t know what Color Climax is you must have been living under a rock. Color Climax is a pornographic magazine that was started in the 60’s based in Denmark. Although their popularity over in North America isn’t as great as it is here in Europe, they are still highly regarded in the pornography industry as a company that helped mould the scene to what it is today.

Upon entering the page you’ll quickly notice that the layout is really nice and that it has a great navigation scheme. This is great because one thing this site is going to offer you is it’s reputation and a good first impression which is hard to find these days. The site is broken down into a few categories being Studios, Theatre, Signature, Archives and Exposed.

After looking into the Studios section of the site I must say I was pretty impressed. There are a good amount of picture sets to look at here, and one of the best things was in each picture set it tried to relive the scene by giving a lengthy story of what happened for the scene to actually take place. Although these are of course staged, it was well written and I found it gave a better appreciation of the pictures. The image quality is very good and the resolutions are nice.

Another thing worth mentioning is the frequent updates the site provides. Not only will you notice updates to the galleries but also to the movie section on a weekly basis. Needless to say this is something not found very often nowadays and it should be noted that this site keeps the content coming!

Next we are going to look at the theatre section. When going in the section it should be noted that most of these movies are classic movies. While there is over 90 exclusive movies to Color Climax it should be mentioned that you can easily tell most of them were filmed in the 70’s. I personally thought this was pretty neat and found the movies entertaining. All movies are pretty good quality and are in .mov format. Unfortunately the movies are streamed and you cannot download them, most of the movies are 8-12 minutes long.

We have looked at the exclusive content in the Theatre section now I’ll mention some of the other benefits you’ll get from joining. Like a lot of other sites out today they find giving you some extra content from other sites a good thing; I’d be inclined to agree. You’ll get access to Hustler XXX and Campus Confessions. Not too shabby I’d say.

The Signature series section of the site is very similar to the Studios section but it has a little more emphasis on the porn stars themselves. Some of the male pornstars you can see in action are Peter North, Tiny Tove, John Holmes and more. These sections contain galleries and various movies all of which are claimed to be exclusive only to Color Climax.

The Archive section without question, is massive. Their collection covers from the 70’s to the 90’s although in all there’s maybe only a few thousand pictures here they are good quality once again and the also provide a storyline behind them rather then pushing hundreds of pictures without ensuring enjoyment to the customer.

It should also be noted that the pictures shown by this site were done with proper lighting, costumes, and sets to help ensure the quality of the material. One other neat thing I’d like to mention is their Naughty Cards section. Although this is implemented by many sites I thought it was still worth mentioning. The theory behind Naughty Cards is you just pick your favorite picture and send it to the email of your choosing along with a greeting. Nothing major but the attention to detail this site provides is fantastic.

Now on to the Xposed section. In this section this is for all those guys who don’t care about story but rather just want some good pictures. These pictures have various content from, girl on guy to threesomes, anal and more. In all there is roughly 30 picture sets with about 100 or so pictures to each of them. All of which being superb quality. The one feature I felt this site lacked was the ability to download all pictures in a zip file; this feature would have been great if implemented.

Overall I was extremely impressed with this site personally and I recommend it. The pros to the site in summary are: good layout, exclusive content, classic Color Climax videos (90 of them), good size picture galleries professionally done with write ups to increase their customer satisfaction, access to 2 other sites and great archives. The cons were limited movie selection and limited functionality like: downloading all pictures to a zip file, and downloading the movies.

This site is $29.99 a month and although it may seem pricey, I’m confident many people would enjoy this site, especially for those who enjoy tasteful pornography as opposed to raw hardcore material. One other option the site offers is a 1 year membership for $140.00 which is quite the savings, but I’d suggest only signing up for a month the first month to get a feel for it.

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User Comments

Posted by: z00m [USA – 90505 & 96813] on 03-21-05

Cherry Buster,
Are you sure that the Color
Climax videos “CAN’T” be down
loaded? In Dec/Jan I was able
to DL and the info on website
still says that members have
the option of downloading the
content so I’m just curious?
I know that the Hustler con-
tent was overly congested to
the point where it reminded
me of … [read more]

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