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Initial Review: 09-11-03 | by: Jonny Bogez | Last Updated: 12-19-08
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Crazy Girls International Review

WAM coming at ya! Wet And Messy is the way all of these women choose to
play. Whipped, drenched, shampooed, gunged, tied and pied, pushed in,
wrestling in and thrown into everything they desire. There is nothing left on the shelf when these ladies have finished. The only thing left to cover them in sauce is you!

The site is somewhat uneasy on the eyes. So much text, there is a need for
colour coding to navigate.
The colour coded contents themselves are true to the wet and messy form.
There are 21 ‘mess specific’ sites to choose from. 8 messy, 5 nude/lesbian, 4 wet girls, 1 ripped clothes, a live webcam, live daily webchat and a messy girls archive. Each site features it’s share of women in the act.

Each gallery includes a set of stills from the incident, with some features containing video footage. The updates are the greatest attribute, coming every 2 or 3 days. Proving these girls really love their dirty work. There are scheduled events, each sunday of every month that air live. “Wet n Sexy”, “Tied and Drenched”, and of course “Oil Wrestling”.

Over 10,000 original pics and hundreds of video clips is a true statement. The video clips are about a meg to two megs each and last between 30 and 60 seconds. The video quality is terrible, and the distorted audio is unbearable.

There is serious room for improvement in the visual department. There is a critical need for better-quality movie action. It is unfortunate the wet and messy content has run over to the layout of the website. It is possible there would be many more WAM fans if the sites that carry the content were more appealing. Doesn’t everyone like their women dirty and wet?

The site used to offer several kinds of memberships because of the number of sites they have. They’re now just offering the whole kit and kaboodle for 26 bucks.

The following list of sites available at www.crazygirlsinternational.com met with less than desirable reviews. The more intriguing sites have found themselves with a mini review
at the bottom of this page. There are no babes to be had, nor is the lesbian action something to consider.


Yes! Ripped, shredded, torn, sliced, diced, these fug pugglies come up with
six million ways to destroy their clothes. The galleries range from 15 to 50 frame by frame
pics of the ladies clothes being ripped and sliced til they are nude.

The women who are victimized usually are quite surprised at the fate of
their clothing. The sex appeal is in the eye of the beholder. The final picture, where the drawn out strip tease of destruction finds the relieved victim nude amongst her shredded garments, is the most satisfying. The clothed assailants always seem to be getting the real kick, but their handywork is less than desirable. There are 20 galleries with all their shredding glory, for a total of 667 pics and 53 clips.


Let’s get dirty. The combinations of hair treatments are truly creative, intensely messy, and of course, wet. In fact, ‘Gooey’ is probably the word to use when describing the antics of the fug pugs of shampooed.net. The pictures are plentiful, as torrid combinations such as squid and flour or cat food and blue paint are applied to the victim fugglins. The video clips
are approximately 30-60 seconds in length. While suffering from distorted audio and poor quality, the movies are actually long enough to see some ‘shampooing’.
The mess becomes so intense that sometimes the women have to get naked by necessity. There are 19 galleries in all, each with their own unique combination treatments. All in, there are
640 pics and 11 video clips available.


This is hot, yet wet, wET, WET! Girls getting soaked is a highschool dream, successfully brought to life in these galleries. To up the ante, the girls are restrained and left to the mercy of the ominous splash! The videos are about 18 seconds of splashtastic soakery. The quality is somewhat hurting, but the movement is much more satisfying than the stills.

These girls seem to have a true appreciation for the dripping female form, as they’re eager participants for our viewing pleasure. There are 14 scenes in all, but only 2 with immediately available video clips. Their is an option to e-mail the photographer for the other available videos. Wetness and women is a good thing. Drenched women in and out of their clothes is even better. Just shy of 600 pics and 28 clips bring you the pleasure of these wet


The dirty girls strike again. The feet of these girls are smothered in a variety of juices and sauces. There are only 3 galleries available. At that, only 1 of the scenes has immediately
available video footage. To see the other 2 videos, you must e-mail the photographer to view the sauce covered feet. Fairly un-creative, but if you have a foot fetish, and you like them best when they’re dirty, you are to visit here. 84 pics in total with 3 video clips from one gallery.


Filled Knickers is the way it should be. These sentuous sweethearts open up their unmentionables for juices, jams, and anything else that can creep down their fine young bodies.
Multiple girls achieve maximum fill in 4 galleries. Unfortunately only 1 video is available, without making the extra effort to request the others be e-mailed to you. The
video footage achieves the true feel for the ‘jelly trickle down’ effect. The
footage is questionable, its highly pixelated and seriously undermines the quality performances of the experimental foxes.

Honey dripping from a fine young pussy is an image I won’t soon forget. There is a bevvy of select foods that run-down the young ladies’ bras and panties. Filling them to the brink of
exploding, the streams of sauce run through their undergarments, wrapping their pussies in tasty delights. 294 pics available, while only 4 video clips with an approximate running time of 30-40 seconds from the gallery.


These ladies are true gluttons when it comes to a creamy filling. In fact, I am sure they would like to be covered in just about every flavour available. 13 galleries of young pie covered in
more sauce and cream. Each gallery has a log of the creamings of the newly flavoured girls. There are no movies available, as I am sure we can all make due with the photographic
The temptation to lick it all off is ever present, especially from the fantastic asses of some of these tight hunnies. Over and over again, the girls take more and more cream all over their
restrained bodies. With the help of their friends, they are totally smothered and painted in just about every available pie, in different combinations. 730 photos, with 9 available clips if you request them via e-mail direct from photographer.


There is some serious shower action available from these sopping sweethearts. 52 galleries show the fun we have always suspected women have in the bathroom. The pics themselves truly capture the girls being soaked right out of their clothes. The girls jump into the shower fully clothed and are then enticed to strip by their new wet partners. 2 wet women in one shower taking off each other’s clothes means some lesbian action. Once the ladies have removed their panties, the finger licking good time begins. Almost 3300 pics show the wet n’ wild side of these women. There ae a total of 118 video clips up for grabs, although the majority are only available by request.


When in Spain… lick some pussy. The fugglies are getting down on it on their Spanish getaway. The 4 galleries display some virgin experiences in lesbian intimacies. 2 poor quality videos
document the lolitas appetites for pussy with 1 other video available upon request via e-mail. The stills offer an extended account of all the girls dabbling in diddling for the first time.
Also included is a native get together where the local muff is tasted for a sample of Spanish cuisine. 305 pics offer some rookie lesbian action, with 41 total clips.


It takes some girls a trip around the world to let down their knickers. 4 galleries showcase the erotic lure of spain. There are no immediate videos to be had, only upon request. You will have to go to the stills to recount the fug pugs naked bodies in action. A rousing game of strip dice tops out the action in South America. 141 pics are available for your pleasure.


It’s the main event when two girls showdown in a mini pool to vie for the title. 22 galleries cover the round by round fights, with 4 low quality videos covering the live action. The still pics provide the slow motion replay of these dirties mixing it up. Just add food and you have a messy rumble in the pool. When they get at each other you can barely tell woman from food as they get covered in their weapon of choice. Providing a broad selection of messy situations there are over 1000 messy pics with 34 available clips, 428 wet-oil pics with 23 available clips, some available only on request.

Couple of updates, every set now has a movie shot with it, especially on tied and pied, but also across many of the sites in this network. Total number of pictures is over 15,000, with over 1,000 movies as well. This company produced a lot of the original wet and messy style content, and deserves the credit there! 🙂

Review Update: 12-19-08 | by: Socks Manly

Man, another site bites the dust. I thought for SURE this site would still be alive, I would have put money on it. It even links to another site that says will explain why it’s no longer in operation and THAT site no longer exists! lol.

Jonny wrote so much for this one too, what a waste! Fuck.

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Posted by: Pharmf339 [USA] on 07-01-09

Very nice site!

Posted by: Pharmb624 [USA] on 05-24-09

Very nice site!

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