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Initial Review: 07-07-03 | by: Max Harmer
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Crush Photo Review

I don’t think the porn world is ready for this site. So much work has gone into the coding and design. Aesthetically, I think it’s one of the most intense, visually pleasing sites I’ve ever seen. But page design aside for a moment – The girls are the youngest, most nubile, tender creatures I’ve ever seen! The site touts itself as an ‘Artistic Modeling’ site, portraying girls in ‘mildly erotic’ situations. Mild? Once you see the look in these girls eyes, you won’t think mild anymore.

After browsing around the preview area, I was practically salivating for membership. Luckily, I was supplied with one. After entering the members area and realizing that the inside is as detailed and elegant as the preview pages, I knew this site was a winner.

CrushPhoto.com features nineteen girls, each with their own multiple sub-gallery pages. The sub-gallery pages are work-intensive aswell, I don’t know how the designer manages to keep up. Each menu is superimposed on pictures of the girls themselves, in much the same way CrazyBabe is setup. When individual pages have to be updated manually, it shows a dedication to the site that can’t be beat, especially not by big business porn companies just providing a huge directory listing.

The photography is soft, the light is subdued. I’m pretty sure the pics are subject to minor photoshop’ing, border textures, gaussian blur and the like. It really makes for a downbeat, soft atmosphere, which adds to the eroticness of it all.

The girls themselves are gorgeous, have a look at the sample pictures. The photographer obviously has an eye for beauty, and all of the girls on the site have that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ required for erotic photography.

Jezebel, Angel, Leah, the list of beauties goes on. My advice is to check the site out if you like the look of the girls. The photosets are extensive, and extremely arousing. There’s just one thing that frustrated me to no end. The pics are extremely coy. This is erotic photography and not pornography. The girls are reluctant to show themselves, and even when they do, correct shadow placement ensures only a minor glimpse of labia. Something? Anything? PLEASE? I know it’s better to let the imagination do it’s work, but I’d kill for a close-up pic. [Update: Seduction 4 has been added (a movie clip), and with it, close up’s of Jez rubbing herself. Not all-out masturbation, but it’s still a close-up. Thanks guys =)]

The movies are available in MPEG format, each is around 23mb in size, and each around 2 minutes long, most of the filesize is attributed to quality, not length. The quality is superb, the movies even look crisp in fullscreen mode! Each of the clips is played with an audio track in the background. Sometimes I feel it’s better to hear the girls, but the music is appropriate, and thus adds to the overall appeal.

It’s a site that does what so many others are trying to do. It efficiently conveys the sense of touch. Yes, Touch. The camera work is so effective, the skin is so supple, it becomes real. Because it’s an artistic erotic site, you won’t find girls masturbating here. You will find them running fingers along themselves and teasing us by slowly toying with their panties.

Updates come every couple of days to the pictorial galleries, the Video gallery is updated every ten days, so hungering for new content shouldn’t really be a problem. There are also some planned major updates for the site, more movies and more sexy girls!
Have a look at the sample photos, the ones of Cleodora are scrumptious. If lolita girls are your thing, CrushPhoto.com is for you.

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User Comments

Posted by: Crush Studios [-/-] on 11-21-07

Crush is back! www.crushempire.com

Posted by: Phantem [WI] on 02-21-06

Don’t bother. Site hasn’t been updated since November. One can only assume the girls are gone and the Wizard is left holding his dick (litterally). The site NEVER had updates 4 times a week. Things were often back dated to make it look like that for new … [read more]

Posted by: SNFU [Canada] on 02-07-06

What looked like a great site is actually pretty rotten in the middle. Can you say airbrush? Check out Love Sexy Part 3 picture LS10b and LS10s. Magical tattoos!

Some the airbrushing is so bad the girls look like they’re wearing at least a pound of concealer powder.

Waste of money. … [read more]

Posted by: Burned [USA] on 01-10-06

Be forewarned: the site hasn’t been updated since Thanksgiving, well over a month and a half now. Unless you’re there for the first time and can mine the archives, DO NOT get a membership. There are NO updates forthcoming and NO communication from the webmaster.

Posted by: schweppz [UK] on 11-03-05

This site is an absolute joke for the most part. Apart from some very tasty girls (Cleodora for one) there is very little to recommend the site. While it claims to be updated regularly it has been almost 2 weeks since I’ve seen anything new on it and when updates … [read more]

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