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Initial Review: 08-20-03 | by: Max Harmer
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Cum Karaoke Review

Cum Karaoke you ask? Quite an idea these guys have. Basically, the Cum Karaoke site is updated each week, with a set of weekly episodes. The format will be explained below, but think girls singing karoke, while stripping, and then, giving blowjobs to the cameraguys. These guys actually get paid for this?! Well, I get paid to look at porn. I shouldn’t be talking.

The premise is this. On Monday, you’ll meet the two contestants for the week. Each will sing a quick Karoke clip to a song of their choice, usually Top 40 stuff. During the song they stay dressed, but try to charm the ‘Judges’ (Read: You.) into voting for them.
Tuesday is when you get to see them naked. Each of the girls appears in a photoset of about fifty pics. Pics are available in 800×600 and 1024×768 res. Average photoshoots here folks. And of course, the girls are still trying to charm the Cum Karaoke ‘Judges’.

Wednesday brings another surprise. The girls are singing Karaoke again, but this time, they strip as they sing!

On Thursday, a second set of pictures is released. Only this time, there’s a twist. The girls are wearing t-shirts, that the ‘Judges’ have a chance to win! It seems like a cool idea. But what am I going to do with a girls shirt? Jerk off with it? Maybe.. But I’d rather see them in like, a hockey jersey. Then they could send me the jersey. Or maybe their panties? I know panties seem cliched, But a spaghetti strap tanktop isn’t my idea of a prize.

Friday is Funday. The votes are tallied, and the winner is announced. Her prize? She gets to give one of the lucky fellows (Is this a Judge? or just some dude? It was unclear) her best blowjob. Again, the ‘Judges’ get to vote. But this time, on how much bonus cash she receives at the end of the shoot. The bonus cash prize amount and T-shirt winner are announced on the following monday, when the new girls come online.

For members, all the Karaoke videos are available in WMV, RealMedia, Quicktime, and MPEG format. Every flavour available here folks.

Well. Cum Karaoke is an original site idea that’s for sure. The girls could look better, but it’s a new site. At the time of this review, Only one week had been archived. So for a site in it’s second week of operation, they’re not doing badly at all. There’s also a lot of member discussion pertaining to the girls. Actual debates form, over who sings with more clarity. Anyways, Basically it’s an all week long update, and memberships sell for $24.95 a month. So for your 30 odd bucks, you see eight girls a month stripping n singing, and four girls a month sucking n humming. Check out the site, it might be for you.

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User Comments

Posted by: Klutz [GB] on 11-17-02

Overused word but…unique!
If it is your bag, you will loveit….

I do!

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