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Initial Review: 11-15-03 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 10-05-07
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Cute Latina Review

Something is weird about this site. The diaries only go up to 2001, something that always strikes a note for us when writing a review. The weird part is, that the rest of the site seems to have been updated like clockwork. All of the stuff in the “What’s new” section of the site is updated, I don’t see any duplicate content, and there’s tons of it – surely they couldn’t have done ALL of this in one year of shooting. Ahhh I see, the webcam section of pictures also goes from 2000 to present, so yes, this site is completely up to date! (as of March, 2003) Welll, enough of my rambling…

This a definite homegrown amateur site with a Chilean woman named Talia from Montreal, Canada. She’s obviously not very shy, and gets it on with countless guys and girls throughout the site. I mean shit, there’s like 4 guy in that one orgy scene alone! Then there’s the women. Lots of amateur ladies from Montreal, many of which have their own sites (Seska for example, who appears on many sites) is a very frequent guest on this site. Lots of sites with an “orgy” scene have just that. Three people, maybe four, and it’s like the biggest thing they’ve ever dreamed of doing. Talia makes it an almost regular thing on Cute Latina. It’s great.

I think hardcore is the primary theme word for this site, with a threesome video set that just can’t be missed. Talia with another girl and some guy. 🙂 Oh gosh. In that particular set there are 6 videos of around 14mb each, but I’d say most of the videos weigh in at around 7mb. There are a large number of both picture sets and video sets on CuteLatina.com in the members section, I’d say over 100 different video scenes alone. For an amateur site such as this that hasn’t been around since the early days of the internet, that’s a great deal. To think that each one of those has at least 3 videos in it, some with 6 and 9, it adds up. With all the hardcore here, this girl sure gets a good workout. Her webcam portion of the site is almost unparalleled. There are few webcams I’ve seen with updates going back 4 years, with tons of regular guests and hardcore scenes.

With a membership to this site you also get access to a good deal of other amateur sites. Unbelievable. A great amateur site! The quality of the videos could be a bit better, same with the pictures, but it’s all made up for with the variation of great quality porn they’ve produced here.

Review Update: 10-05-07 | by: Socks Manly

Cute Latina was once a good site, but after she got pregnant this site was pretty much left as an archive. I see some of the same photos on the front page that I saw in 2003, which isn’t a good sign at all. I’m lowering the rating until we can get back in here for a better look.

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Posted by: Anthony [Toronto] on 01-04-05

this is one hot site….she is by far the best latina on the net

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