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Initial Review: 06-25-07 | by: Furry Monster
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DareRing Review

Darering has chosen a quite rare niche. They have a bunch of girls and guys over, who play a sexy version of Truth or Dare, obviously with a lot of nudity involved. 🙂 There aren’t many of these around, the only similar site we’ve reviewed is Strip Game Central. The interesting topic and clean design immediately caught my interest.

The site is very simple on the inside too, which is great. Basically every movie file is accessable from the main page with a single click. The site only contains movies, there are 13 games, each with a 90-120 minutes runtime.

This is a special version of Truth or Dare, they draw a scrap of paper from a bucket. There’s a truth or a dare on it randomly.
As for the dare part, there’s questions like “Have you ever had sex with more than one person in one day?”, “Have you ever been caught having sex?”. The dare tasks are kissing, stripping, spanking, giving a lap dance, spanking, masturbation, ticking, giving oral sex. So depending on the players, it’s a solo, girl-girl, boy-girl, boy-boy action. Yes that’s right, it has gay scenes too, but very few.
The game is divided into 7 rounds, the dares get wilder step by step. I haven’t seen any fucking though. Every round is in a separate file.

Format is WMV, so you can either watch them streamed or download them. Resolution is 640×480, bitrate is 1.36 mbps. Quality is good, but there’s some interlacing, and sometimes the picture and speech are a bit off.

There are 6 bonus games on the bottom: Strip Spin The Bottle, Strip Poker, Ring Toss, Topless Pie Eating, Naked Twister, and Blowjob Roulette. These are movies too of course, and they’re great.

The site looks popular – they have a message board with many posters. There’s even a Webcam section of the forum, where people can find partners for online dare games. If you manage to set one up, let us know!

I like the site, I’ll probably come back later to get the rest of the episodes. However, I must mention some downsides. The girls could be prettier, and with some booze I think the parties could get more fun, as the atmosphere is a bit tense.
There’s also a download limit is 3 gigabytes per day. I guess one could live with it, it’s enough for two full games. There are no lower quality files, so a good connection (or lots of patience) is necessary. I’m not sure how often they update, there’s been a new game this month though.
The content is rare and enjoyable, so if you’re interested, don’t let the problems above stop you. If you like total amateurs, you’ll definitely like it. Membership costs 20$ monthly, which isn’t much for over 20 hours of unique movies.

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