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Initial Review: 08-05-03 | by: Max Harmer | Last Updated: 05-30-09
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Dawn Maries Dream Review

Dawn Maries Dream. Dawn Marie is your ‘wife next door’ type redhead. She’s sexy as a mother and wife I’m sure, but as a porn starlet? The appeal is in just that. She’s an average girl! Well, she also has a big booty.

Dawn Marie stars in photosets, downloadable video, sound files, and VHS tapes with her husband. For the most part, she has a pretty good grasp of what it takes to build a site. Her photosets are varied and include everything from foot fetishism to food fetishism. In fact, if you check out the sample pictures, she’s got a neat ‘peach’ trick. I’m assuming it’s just as pleasureable for the guy, and much more tasty for the girl.

She’s also a daring girl. She contacted a Real Estate agent in order to take a tour of her dream home, only to start flashing in every room! She was baring her breasts at one point when they heard the real estate agent coming back!

All in all a good offering for an amateur site, twelve galleries each with an average of thirty pics. She also does a live cam show for members weekly (sometimes twice.) New photosets are added every two weeks.

She has the webmistress part down pat, but in her videos, she’s just not convincing enough. She plays more the role of a giggling schoolgirl than a porno actress. It’s much more naive and adventurous, which I guess can be a good thing.

The video titled ‘I give Hubby the ride of his life’ is slow and boring. The bed squeaks I think, 3 times? That’s the ride of his life? I feel sorry for Hubby. C’mon Dawn Marie, you can put more chutzpah into it!
Maybe I’m being too harsh on the videos. She is the wife-next-door type, I can’t really expect her to be banging hubby for hours in multiple positions and talking dirty the whole time, she’s not a porno star. Although, she does a wide range of fantasy and fetish work. Mostly for her members though. 😉

Anyway, there are thirteen videos are available in both WMV and RM and range from three to six megs.

Dawn Marie has high quality pics, sound files, a big ass, and natural tits to offer. In addition to that, she’s dedicated to her members. She loves recieving feedback and I’m sure spends hours chatting online. If you like the look of her from the sample pics, and you’d like to see her in a fantasy of your own design, I’d suggest e-mailing her. She might be down for it.

Updates come almost daily, and a monthly subscription retails for $9 a month. Not a bad deal at all.

Review Update: 05-30-09 | by: Socks Manly

While the above review is 6 years old, I feel like it should stay up, so instead of re-reviewing I’ll write a long update. Dawn Maries Dream has been online for a long time now, and puts a lot of passion and fun into her website. There’s no doubt she’s learned as she goes along, and she herself admits that it was really her husband’s idea to get into this whole thing to begin with.

I get the feeling like she’s taken over somewhat over the years, perhaps totally. When I first logged in, I have a VipersFan moment (as you can see from the comments below) when I went to the photos area and saw it was almost empty! However I was just wrong, and after a bit more digging I see that they just have a highly strange navigation system.

Basically you have to pretty much find the right thumbnail amongst a bunch of pictures to get to another page that has more thumbnails. Further confusing things, often photo sets are split into 2 parts, and when you go into each you see one big picture and a description. You then have to click the big picture to get in to see the rest of the set. Then go back to go to page 2, then click the big picture there, etc. It’s a bit chaotic.

There are quite a few videos on DawnMariesDream.com from old to new. They’re much better organized, and just appear as text links on a single page. Phew. It also states the file sizes there, and I see that she does pretty big movies! Most are between 100-200mb which is more than I can say for most amateur sites like this.

She does all the ultra-amateur stuff you’d normally like to see but can’t really expect nowadays, like live cam shows, phone calls with members and custom content. She posts her e-mail and also her twitter account, which has over 700 followers and 3,000 posts. I’m telling you, Dawn Marie is a busy woman!

Lastly, she seems to be putting a lot of effort into the DVD’s and CD’s she produces, and will ship them for $10 each to anyone in the USA and Canada. Just another example of her going the distance for her members and loving what she does.

If you visit her tour, have a look at her bio, I think it gives a lot of great information and is the kind of stuff you’d want to know before you become a member.

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User Comments

Posted by: VipersFan [Germany] on 04-27-03

A few words on this site:
I just returned from the members area of Dawn Marie. I’ve been in for 10 minutes until I dropped the request for cancellation. O.K. I must admit, I’m only interested in kinky pictures of nasty women, pro’s or good amateurs. In this case I found … [read more]

Posted by: Max Harmer [AdultSiteSurfer] on 11-07-02

Thank you everyone for your comments!!

Alright, maybe the review *was* a little harsh, obviously I didn’t spend as much time on the site as you guys do! Anyways, It’s true. The appeal of the site is all in the fact that she’s NOT a porno star. I apologize for erring. … [read more]

Posted by: George39 [Rochester, NY] on 11-03-02

DawnMarie’s page is better than about 95% of all Amateur sites that I’ve visited. She isn’t trying to be a porn star so I don’t grasp that portion of the review. She updates the site about every 6 days and is very open to ideas & suggestions from … [read more]

Posted by: fastmac [US] on 10-28-02

Yes, Dawn Marie is not your porno queen that wants more of your money everytime you signon on to their site. Dawn Marie is your everyday gal – someone you may work with or see at the store. Someone that catches your eye but you don’t know why. … [read more]

Posted by: subsailor [Rockport, TX] on 10-28-02

I believe that had I been looking for a “porno queen”, I would have joined on of those nameless, tasteless sites that are all over the internet!! Dawn Marie is an attractive, sexy, personable lady who goes out of her way to fill her site with the things her … [read more]

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