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Initial Review: 05-09-03 | by: Max Harmer
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Deep Oral Girls Review

Deep Oral Girls is part of the SIC company of sites, who have told us that our customers almost never stay for a second month, because the people who use Adult Site Surfer are smart, educated porn surfers. For this reason, they asked us to stop promoting their sites. Make of that what you will. The original review of Deep Oral Girls is below. Interesting to note we gave their sites an average total score of 64.

Deep Oral Girls, a casting-couch style site where the girls love slobbering all over (rather small!) cock. The preview page promises the best in on-line blowjob movies. After logging in I’m pleasantly surprised to find that indeed, the blowjob movies are quality work. The page could use a little work though, Its more of a basic listing of girls and their bios, as well as movies of them sucking down cock, than it is an actual ‘website’ experience.

There’s quantity as well as quality though, over 25 individual deep oral girls photoshoots with different girls, and each photoshoot includes 2-3 full length movies, as well as a large pictorial gallery.

After browsing around for a bit and watching the movies, something struck me as odd. For a site called Deep Oral Girls, you’d expect them to be deep throating large cocks right? Nope. All the dicks on this page were below average size. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the sample pics. If your tallywhacker is bigger, you still have a chance to become a pornstar! Of course, one of those sample pics is of a Deep Oral Girls.com member, he won a contest and got to take part in a photoshoot! What a member perk! No pun intended! Hah!

Anyways, guys with small dicks pictures aside. The quality of the porn content on here is great. They start each movie off by talking to the fully clothed girl, so you ‘get to know her’ before you ‘get to know her’. A nice touch. Most of the girls are in their early twenties, One of them is even fresh out of graduation, Yum.

All in all a good site. Fast, exclusive, quality movie content.(ASX/WindowsStreaming format) Now if only it were less about cocks, and more about the female orgasm… but that’s whole different site. If blowjobs are the niche that does it for you, you definitely have to check this site out.

Updates every 15 days, scarce, but they are large updates.
The site will set you back $39.00 a month, a bit pricey!

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Posted by: anon [us] on 08-14-03

Beautiful girls givig great oral sex!

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