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Review Update: 07-20-07 | by: Socks Manly
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Digital Dreamgirls Review Update

DDGirls aka Digital Dreamgirls has changed their name to Digital Desire as of July 2007. They were unclear as to why they’ve made this change, so we’ll have to guess for now – but it could be some kind of legal trademark situation, or just that they wanted some fresh branding with a new name. Either way – Digital Desire it is! They’ve already redirected ddgirls.com as well.

Latest Review: 04-06-04 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 07-20-07

Digital Dreamgirls Review

Digital Dreamgirls was due for a 2004 update, so here I am. DDGirls remains one of my favourite choices in the softcore area, providing high resolution pictures of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Digital Dreamgirls is easily one of the best sites on the net, by consistently producing top notch pornography.

DDGirls doesn’t just mean Digital Dreamgirls either. DD Girls is a good way of explaining the breast sizes of most of the women featured here. Long legged, big breasted, sometimes famous, sometimes not so much, but all spine tingling beautiful.

Since we first looked at the site, it’s gone through numerous changes. The most notable is the addition of a new DDGX section, featuring hardcore content to add to their mostly softcore site. Thankfully the DDG softcore section hasn’t suffered with this addition, and there’s just as many updates as there ever were on that side of the site.

One thing that really stood out for me was how organized they keep their boat loads of photo sets. For example, after clicking on this month’s Covergirl photo set, I’m given the option to download that set as a zip, I’m given both high and low bandwidth options over each photo thumbnail, and there’s also a streaming slideshow. I can go to the next Covergirl, the previous Covergirl, or view the archive. It tells me the girl’s name – March, 2004 is Jelena Jensen – And she’s a voluptuous 36D-26-36. She’s 5’10”, has brown eyes, dirty blonde hair, and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Unfortunately these have not been backdated! Only a few months back in the Covergirls section I found there were no longer Downloadable ZIP files or Streaming Slideshows, so they’ve obviously just recently added this feature. Hopefully sometime soon they’ll go back and fix all their old galleries. They go back to April of 2000 it seems, so it’s just a ton of content.

Best of all, there is a link called more of me at the top of the page. This link shows me that there is a Video of Jelena, a Backstage set, the Covergirl set I was just viewing, a Dreamgirl set, and also a Dreamheat photo set available on DDGX, their hardcore section. They didn’t absolutely have to separate it like this, but it allows people to see what they need, save some bandwidth, and still get all the content if they really like the girl. Everyone doesn’t want the backstage pictures! All together there is… 132 pictures and 1 video of Jelena.

Back to the DDGX Extreme section of Digital Dreamgirls, it’s basically a whole new site, with it’s own front page within the members area. DDGX has sub-categories too, with headings like Dreamheat, Girlz, Girlz, Girlz N’ Boyz, Young N’ Am, Raw Heat, Flixxx, Naughty Vids, and right now there’s a preview of the up and coming Faux Jobs section.

The addition of large movies was also needed here at DDGirls, and now they’ve arrived. For March 2004 only, in the Flixxx section I was greeted with a 370 megabyte movie of an unnamed blonde girl, while in the Naughty Videos section I saw the movies were around 100-150mb each. These are both additions in the new DDGX side of the site, the DDG section still contains their weekly video. For the best quality movies, you will need the freely downloadable DIVX codec for your Windows Media Player.

Overall still a top site, worthy of it’s place here, it’s only gotten bigger and better since we first looked. Daily updates, too.

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User Comments

Posted by: Micheal [Nigeria] on 03-19-11

It nice. I need more of that please

Posted by: umair [pakistan] on 02-08-10

this site is very very sexy

Posted by: NARESH [INDIA] on 12-04-08


Posted by: johan [rsa] on 04-28-08

your pictures are the greatest ever seen,but i dont own a credit card to watch some of the movies and what about some teen photos

Posted by: Tero [Finland] on 02-28-08

Good quality Hd videos, plenty of pretty girls. But. Way too softcore for my taste. Girls just pose while sorry ass ambient music plays. Reminds me the crappy, unerotic films Andrew Blake makes. Sterile posing, lot of camera gimmicks.
Flicks labeled xtreme just ordinary sex or tired masturbation with … [read more]

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