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Initial Review: 09-06-03 | by: Lenny Long Dong | Last Updated: 01-16-08
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Enslaved Review

The first thing I noticed at Enslaved.com was a live feed, scheduled for right now. The only thing I knew was Enslaved specializes in hardcore bondage… so whatever, I’ve seen this stuff before, click. I really had no idea.

Picture BabyDoll, a petite brunette with a naval ring, clean shaven, blind-folded. She starts out naked and lays on a ‘X’ platform. It was set up so Babydoll can lay flat face up with her arms spread above her head and legs spread apart. Paige then goes to work. She ties Babydoll’s wrists, elbows and arms to the X. Paige then ties her stomach, upper thighs and ancles down. In goes the mouth gag and on go the skin clamps. She gets four on each breast, just missing her nipple. Paige then teases her with a thin flexible whip all over her
body… moan, groan. Then the wider transparen paddle on her pussy, inner thighs and stomach. Paige, relentless, pours dripping wax on Babydoll’s bound body. When the wax hardens Paige takes the wide paddle and smacks the crispy flakes away. All the while Paige is using a ribbed long black vibrator around Babydoll’s clit and lower stomach. Then Paige breaks out the ribbed pink dildo attached to a stick and slowly works it inside Babydoll. I think she came around then if not once before because she had that deep authentic moan
and the high squeal. At this point I pour myself a tall cold glass of Grolsch Blonde and realize in was in BDSM pre-school. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen anything close to this. Round 1.

Round 2, Babydoll gets untied and blindfold removed and sits face in the corner knelt down with her legs spread. There is some kind of shuffling going on but I can’t see because the web cam is pointed at
Babydoll. I can hear a high pitch hum of a screw driver and the thud of metal. The camera pans to a metal bar about waist high. It’s tall enough so Babydoll can stand with it between her legs just touching her pussy. Paige fashions a head apparatus so babydoll’s mouth is restricted and head is loosely tied to the ceiling. Paige whips her victim and then bends her over the metal rod. She unveils a shinny transperant butt plug and goes to work on Babydoll’s ass. After some more domination the camera pans to a small table with a cake and a bottle of champagne. Babydoll, all bound, gets a champagne shower and a big facefull of cake. After over 2 hours of a live session the party is delayed till another day.

The skinny on the site goes something like this. Enslaved.com is about domination, BDSM, leather, toys and women. I’m thinking about applying for a camera man job but with an only women crew I’de have a tough time getting in. Paige runs things in more ways than one at Enslaved.com. This ‘nice girl’ from Texas directs all the videos and does the rigging for the sets. She’s an expert when it comes to bondage. She works with a skilled photographer, camera operator and many different models.

Enslaved has all kinds of pictures… 66 female models with over 10,000 pics in all. The content is almost all exclusive, save 300 or so pics in the ‘bonus babe’ section. I was impressed with both the quality of the pictures and the models. Each picture set has some background and thought behind it. When I was in the ‘livefeed’ chat room one member said I was in for a real treat. I also got to chat with Babydoll and Paige. Before visiting this site I didn’t think I liked bondage at all. I thought it’s something for crazy people who like pain. Buy after talking to Babydoll and Paige I saw how much they enjoy it and I realized they are real people. I think we are all entitled to enjoyment. I wonder if Paige wants to put a dog collar on me… maybe have me on a leash for a while.

The videos are the best part about the site. The live streams are kick ass. If you miss the live show there is a replay a few hours later from a different camera used during the performance. The angles and details are much better. All the live shows should be done like this. In all there are more than 200 videos and each is anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours! The streams are very high quality and lightning fast. Dating back to 2001, you’ll find bondage videos of Liz Tyler, Babydoll, Jewel Evans, Molly Mathews, Paige and many

Enslaved.com also has an active message board, member submissions and erotic art section. If you have a fetish for bondage and anything related definately check this site out. Membership options are 30 days for $19.95, 30 days for $27.95 web-900 billing or 30 days for $27.95 check or money order. Slap dat ass.

Review Update: 01-16-08 | by: Socks Manly

I’ve e-mailed this site repeatedly for several years, and they never get back to me. I’m assuming they do the same thing with their customers, so… I’m docking this Enslaved review accordingly. My bias is now an angry 0. Maybe they’ll e-mail me now? 😉

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User Comments

Posted by: Tchukon [San Francisco] on 12-17-04

I guess 5 AVN nominations over the last couple of years for best Bondage Video of the year doesnt count for anything. Enslaved is a great site for very little money.

Posted by: mikecable [boston] on 07-07-03

I don’t know what the fuss is about this site. They have lots of legitimate original content, but the videos are highly “canned” and make no pretense of being other than a well-paid modelling job for the participants. If seeing a pretty girl in bondage gets you off … [read more]

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