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Initial Review: 02-10-04 | by: Socks Manly
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Erotic Nymphets Review

This site called Erotic Nymphets was sent to us by someone with a name that sounded pretty Russian to me. We haven’t looked at that many Russian adult sites yet, so I thought I’d get this one done quickly. Now I must say, Russian sites don’t always have the best reputation, as there are a whole lot less laws in their country as we have in North America. So it was with a bit of hesitation that I clicked on the link to see what they had to offer. They claim to have 20gb of nympho movies. Is this for real?

The front page had a great orange logo, and the same magazine style covers as you’ll find at sites like MET-Art, Petter Hegre Archives, Galitsin Archives, etc. I assumed from this point on that Erotic Nymphets would be an erotic photography site, with the focus on the images and site design. I was a bit let down with their front page on the inside, as it featured just a few text lines of what’s been updated in the past little bit. Nothing was clickable. There were but two options at the top, images and videos.

The pictures section was good here, with quite a few girls (maybe 35 different photo sets) and a lot of pictures per set. This site could improve by offering a way to browse through the pictures in a better way. As it is, when you click on the thumbnails they load up in a new window. A simple next button would do wonders here. The resolutions were good, the girls were pretty, the sets were even nice. That’s why I can’t understand the videos section!

The videos at Erotic Nymphets started off great. The first clip I downloaded maximized the bandwidth of our cable modem, achieving a solid speed of 350kb/s. About a megabyte every 3 seconds. Considering that we’re in Canada and this site is in Russia, it shows that they’ve taken into consideration that much of their audience will come from North America and took the extra steps to make sure it would be a good experience. But 20 GIGABYTES of videos? I can’t find them! There’s like maybe 700MB worth of videos here. Maximum. Liars.

The videos themselves could be a lot better. The first video was 126mb of a girl standing around, not smiling, talking in Russian sparingly, and basically just moving from one pose to another while they took pictures of her. The thumbnail for the video showed her breast-high in a lake or river or some sort, while the entire video took place in a very dull photo studio. The next video had a beautiful Russian blonde girl who at least smiled and looked happy, and they managed to spread some leaves on the studio floor, but again it’s just them taking a movie of them taking pictures of her. I think if I spent a whole night downloading the first video on a slower modem, I’d be pretty let down in the morning.

All in all this site has a great start, but will need to improve the quality of their photography and extend their videos section if they ever want to play with the big guys in the softcore arena. What I really don’t get is why some of the best pictures sets with two girls weren’t recorded on video! And we just can’t support people who lie to their members from the very first page. There just wasn’t 20gb of movies at EroticNymphets.com, and on their front page, it says there are. 🙂

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User Comments

Posted by: Zhubar [Sweden] on 02-16-04

Hello friends.
Nice site, cool review.
Today i’m was visited site.
They made a new cool updates since review was taken.
Hightly recomended.

Posted by: Anjes Jemson [USA] on 02-16-04

Great site , cute girls , thanks !!!

Posted by: David Gromov [France] on 12-11-03

great review. thank to webmaster

Posted by: Belgus [Germany] on 12-09-03

Thank a lot!
great site and pretty girls.
I like it

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