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Initial Review: 07-20-03 | by: Max Harmer
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Fets …By Request Review

Fets, By Request. This site is an incredible site maintained by a small production house, who are dedicated in bringing new fetish content to their members. Fets contains photoshoots in a wide variety of categories. Now, when I say a large variety, I don’t mean ‘redheads, brunettes, etc’. I mean, ‘Elves, Ravers, or Brides’. That’s how diverse Fets.com is.

The browsing system is a little complicated, and takes some getting used too. But after finding out where the gallery navigation buttons were, it was no problem. [They’re in the top left, and easily overlooked. FYI] The reason I include this is, there’s no defined ‘members’ section persay. Everyone can see the thumbnails, only members can see the full pics. It makes my job easier, as I don’t have to navigate a ‘preview’ section.

I guess the first place to begin would be the categories.

At the Office,
Bad Students,
Ballerinas & Dance,
Black Tie,
Club Kid (Trendy Girls),
Cookies and Ass (Foods),
Costume Themes,
Equestrians (Riding Gear),
Fantastique (SciFi/Fantasy),
Figure Skater,
Flight Attendants,
French Maids,
Lace Dreams,
Leg Texture,
Great.. Outdoors,
Roller Girls,
Room Service,
Self-Portrait (Body Painting),
WetSets (Swimwear)
and last but not least, Workout Girls (The Athletic Dept).

I’m not going to describe the content in each category, as most of it is self-explanatory. I will however, say that for the photographer, authenticity is key. Realism is important. He won’t shoot an elven princess photoshoot in a hotel room, he’ll go out into the woods. For the flight attendant shoots, her baggage will be visible somewhere in the picture. Get the drift?

The list is large yes, and it’s more choice than one could wish for. Every fantasy you could ever dream of is probably held within the vaults at Fets.com. Arabic genies, Xena clones, Female Stormtroopers, even Wonder Woman impersonators. One of the sample pics to the right reminded me of the gorgeous Arwyn Udomiel, fifty bonus points towards a no-prize if you recognize the name.

The movies available on Fets.com come in RealMedia format, each is around a minute long and a meg and a half in size. Eight video galleries are online, [unless I missed some?] and none have sound. Each of the galleries has four to six clips. Current movie fetishes online are ‘Dance Studio’, ‘Workout Girl’, ‘Equestrian’, ‘Workout/Shower’, ‘Self-Portrait’, ‘Bad Student’, ‘@HerOffice’, and ‘Circus Performer’. Most of the videos are strip-teases, some have mild lesbosity. Fets.com has the imagination to make it’s video content shine. They just need some more bandwidth and a new encoder.

Overall, The guys and girls at Fets.com are doing a great job with their content, if only their site were a little cleaner. If you feel you can browse like a pro, and if you don’t mind the currently lacking video content, Fets.com has the fetishes that other sites neglect. It’s nice to see something different. I take my hat off to the guys and gals at Fets.com.

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User Comments

Posted by: VipersFan [Germany] on 04-21-03

I wasted some bucks on this site. If you want to see girls who return the action which men would like to see (getting out off their clothes to become naked) then you can join. On this site you will see more clothes than skin. Sorry, but who wrote the … [read more]

Posted by: J.D. Reid [Fets.com] on 10-05-02

Hmmm… Did you mean Arwen Undomiel? 😉

Sincere thanks; we really appreciate the support,

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