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Initial Review: 10-18-02 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 09-03-09
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Forbidden East Review

This site mainly focuses on japanese beauties, the model types in highly artistic, high-quality photographs. The site claims to have a lot more than it really does, but what they do have is quite good. I must admit I found myself really enjoying some of the images they have here. They may not be all that exclusive, but it’s a good collection nonetheless.

The pictures are usually presented as 9 thumbnails per page, and when enlarged they give you a decent little system for browsing through the rest of the set. All of the images are split up into categories like models, fetish, bondage, hardcore etc, plus two sections devoted to some fiiiine models named Kiko Wu and Kiko Lee. As I said before, there is an emphasis here on high quality artistic photography, as you can see from the sample images.

Unfortunately the other parts of the site are pretty lacking. The movies section has postage sized movies in real audio format only, the chat section links to somewhere else, and there’s like 4 stories.

With that said, this site does have some really good pictures but don’t expect too much else. The trial membership option is a good bet here to see if you enjoy it.

Review Update: 09-03-09 | by: Socks Manly

One of our oldest reviews here at Adult Site Surfer, going back to 2002. Not sure why we never got around to having another look at Forbidden East, I guess it just never came back up on the radar. A new site was recently submitted by the same people, called Femdom Bride sticking to their BDSM fetish as they should. The password worked here too, so I took the opportunity to write a new review. An update simply wouldn’t suffice after nearly 7 years!

Thankfully the tour looks nothing like it did back then, when comparing our screen capture and what I see today. It looks updated and professional, with nothing out of place for the 2009 market.

Inside the members area it stats they have a diverse selection of Japanese bondage, fetish movies and photos straight from Tokyo. The page is full of videos of Japanese girls tied up in various positions, so things are definitely new on the inside too.

Along the side there are options for Japanese BDSM movies plus Suguira Bondage videos, Hentai movies and flash games, plus a bunch of other feeds, VOD options, stories, and the bondage archives that we probably took a look at with our first review.

There’s even an instructional section that has a ton of information in it. It’s like a whole guide on how to tie people up, the various knots, a code of ethics, and it’s all Japanese related. History of bondage and exercises to get into these crazy positions are included. I’ve never seen such a great written addition to a porn site! Very impressed. It includes lots of health and safety tips that can help you put your wife, girlfriend of significant other firmly and securely in their place.

After looking around the members area for a while, it’s pretty clear that this site is still a bit stuck in the past. The new movies are quite good, mostly split into 4 parts, with each part 100 to 150mb each. That makes for some pretty big videos. However there’s only about 30 of them total, plus the Suguira Bondage video section which has another 15 or so videos.

There is still a good archive of Japanese bondage photo sets, but I’m pretty sure most of them can also be found at their other larger site Wasteland. Forbidden East does bring some quality to the table, but I struggle to see how they’ve made great use of the last 7 years to add content on a regular basis. If they had, there would be much more stuff here.

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