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Initial Review: 12-05-06 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 05-20-09
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Ghetto Hoes of Cali Review

Hah, here’s a first, which I can’t say happens too often around here anymore. I was excited to check out Ghetto Hoes of Cali, because I love these hood ghetto black girl porn sites, they have a certain charm to them, a je ne sais quoi, if I may. All the girls tell their own little personal ghetto story it seems – usually tattooed on their booty.

So I log in, forget the password, and have to close the authentication window. After clicking on cancel roughly 50 times in 10 seconds, I’m able to go back. I find the pass, and login. What do I find, you ask?

An image gallery system! We don’t need no steenking web design, oh no, not for a ghetto hoe site. So let’s just say this isn’t really a website review, but more of a content collection review. Things are at least easily accessed and poking around the site was fine. Besides, who signs up for the design anyways?

There are roughly 50 sets on the site, mostly with different models. The sets have been around 40 images to 110. The quality varies, as does the contents of the photos. Some are hardcore, some have blowjobs, others see these ghetto superstars masturbate.

Overall you can see from the sample images if this is the site for you. What you’ll find here is a small exclusive collection of black and ebony porn with ghetto chicks. Booty for all! Two poke pass mu’fucker.

Review Update: 05-20-09 | by: Socks Manly

Ghetto hoes of nowheresville now.

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User Comments

Posted by: Big NIgga [LAX PORN CAPITAL] on 10-20-10

Ghetto Hoes of Cali will be back soon… all New and Free too with Video Clip and HD Pay per View.. Soon.. So be on the Look out….

Posted by: Pat Williams [USA] on 02-02-09


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