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Initial Review: 12-17-04 | by: Socks Manly
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Guba Review

Guba is more of a newsgroup downloading service than a traditional adult website, but certainly there’s a focus on adult here. Shall we say a trimmed down version of Usenet? Basically you’re not going to find all the complete movies, MP3s, and various other nasty shit that you’d find with something like an unlimited Giganews account, yet Guba provides an easier way to browse through the porno. There’s still some nasty stuff here though, no worries!

The strongest selling point of Guba.com is the sheer size of all this. The front page boasts there are 1,820,700 images, and 15,293 videos on the site at the moment. There were 80,000 images added today alone! Now to think that they only keep about 10 days of content at any time… yeah.

The site has been recently redesigned, and everything is organized by some simple categories at the top of the page. Images, Videos, and Text. This is great, as most newsgroups have both images and videos posted to them, it’s nice that they’re seperated. alt.binaries.pictures.erotica has roughly 10,000 images added to it daily alone!

They say they’ve added a few things recently, which have definitely improved the site for their users. Looks like someone over there is paying attention! The coolest feature by far is that for ANY video on the site, you can now get a small moving preview of the movie by moving your mouse over its thumbnail. Other features include the ability to search within groups, sort and filter results, and change the thumbnail sizes.

You’ll find a lot of stuff you’ve already seen before here, and certainly a load of stuff you haven’t. Much of the images posted to Usenet nowadays are by people promoting websites, so you’ll see a lot of reduced quality images, and watermarks of domain names on the pictures.

If you’re interested in reading comments posted on the newgroups you can do that here too, and not just in the porn groups either. Perhaps alt.politics.europe is just what you’ve been looking for? You can tell them all about what you just found in alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.fetish.diapers. 🙂

Overall this is a good site, especially for amateur or teen fans. There are some large videos here as well, up to about 200mb and 25 minutes long, although most videos are in the 3-4 minute range. Modem users will be happy to note that there are some cool preferences within the members section to set, too. Stuff like image and video size filtering (show only larger than Xkb), you can turn on an image slideshow, turn off the video previews, etc.

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