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Initial Review: 07-01-04 | by: Cherry Buster | Last Updated: 05-28-08
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Her First Lesbian Sex Review

This is a site that’s pretty self explanatory and something I think everyone instantly feels as though they must explore further. If you had this feeling I’m telling you now you aren’t alone. The idea of the site is to pray upon women who have never had a lesbian experience, lure them in and film it for our enjoyment.

The very first thing I noticed when I loaded the site was how professional it looked. The vast majority of the time the best sites in the pornography market are those that are best presented. When a site takes their site serious enough to make it easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, it gives a sense that they are serious about their business, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But does the Her First Lesbian Sex deliver?

I’m browsing through the free section and looking at the free clips they provide. It should be noted that they give this statement “This video view is compressed for the tour. In the member section video is of a much higher quality.” That’s a nice thing to announce, if it’s infact true. Even the entrance video’s aren’t that bad and are the same quality of most the movies sites provide. The site also announces upon joining you will get, full-length, high-quality videos of all the episodes, hi-res pictures of the photo-shoots, multiple bandwidth selections, downloadable content, bonus access to additional sites and daily updates. Sounds very promising, lets go inside and let’s see if they actually deliver.

Ok, well I’m in the site and looking through it. The first thing I’m going to examine is the video quality, and the video content, as that’s the main focus of this site. I counted 38 movies in total. The different quality options are pretty much the same quality from what I could tell, except with the higher quality movies you could full screen them and they still looked good. Each movie is broken into multiple segments, each of which being around 5 minutes long. Most movies I could tell ranged from 30 minutes up to an hour. Unfortunately all videos are streamed and you can NOT download them!

Now onto the picture gallery at Her First Lesbian Sex. When looking in the picture gallery you’ll notice they link to about 50-60 other sites to scope out their pictures. One advantage with this is you’ll also get access to their movies, and pictures. As for the pictures exclusive to the Her First Lesbian Sex site, they give you numerous pictures, but they are all exact screen captures from the movies, which is really unfortunate. As for the updates on the site there seemed to be 1 every week or so, or it was spontaneous with a string of updates, then none for a few weeks.

As for downloadable content I didn’t see any exclusive download content unless they were referring to the other sites, which I assume they were. Overall the site has a 7 day trial and the monthly membership is $39.95 which seems a bit pricey to me. Still, there is a good amount of content here, and it may be worth it to some people.

Review Update: 05-28-08 | by: Socks Manly

Wow can’t believe it’s really been 4 years since we’ve had a chance to login to Her First Lesbian Sex. This has been a quality site, I see it was just starting around the time we wrote our original review, according to the dates that are provided in the members area. Let’s have a deeper look inside this lesbian porn site.

First things first, the biggest problem this website and all websites by this company have had is that they were streaming only, no downloading of the videos at all. I’m happy to say that this has all changed, and all sets going back to Sheila Faye and Mandy More on March 30th 2008 are all fully downloadable. Not only that, the downloading function is one of the best I’ve seen, with many options.

Downloading a new movie set from Her First Lesbian Sex can be done in 5 different quality settings and sizes to suit your own internet connection capabilities. The toggles are: dialup, DSL, broadband, T1 and HD. Furthermore, you can choose to download the whole video in one single clip, or in 5-6 chunks, in all quality options.

A full movie in HD quality usually runs over 1GB in size, and will take some time to download. Each of the 5 or 6 parts for each video are around 185-200mb in that quality too. I found the T1 quality to be very nice too.

There are roughly 180 different episodes on this lesbian porn site now, more than enough to earn a warm review from us here. A great concept, and some nice changes in early 2007 to make this one even better.

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User Comments

Posted by: Fifi [France] on 02-10-06

So bad the site is just delivering streaming video…

I had to use WM Recorder (from applian) to capture the stream a real pain as one must do it a film after another, a hell of a job 😉 But the content worth keeping and the hassle the site is putting … [read more]

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