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Initial Review: 04-21-05 | by: Socks Manly | Last Updated: 12-30-06
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Hustler Movies Review

Hustler Movies makes some serious claims from their tour, saying you’ll never have to rent a DVD movie again, touting themselves as the best movie site on the net. I quickly logged in and found pretty much what I expected to find. Hustler has gone all out with this site and offered most of their content packages, and most of their movies.

The main draw for this site is the movies section, or more like a movie console called Hustler Broadband. The Hustler movie series are available on the left, and there’s plenty of them. Titles such as Barely Legal, Summer Camp, Busty Beauties, Hustler Centerfolds, Hustler Confidential, Jail Babes, Mr. Beaver, Real College Girls, Call Girls, Superfuckers, Revenge Cam, Young Latin Girls, Young Girls Fantasies, etc. You get the idea!

Most of these series have more than one video, and larger series such as Barely Legal, Hustler XXX, Asian Fever, etc, have 20-50 complete DVD movies in the series. So you’re looking at Precious Pink Vol 15, or Barely Legal Vol 36, they’re all easily viewed by the box cover to the retail DVD. Inside each of the volumes, you’ll find a brief description of the movie, an enlarged boxcover, and the scenes of the movie on the right hand side, usually listed by scene title or girl name(s). There are usually 4-6 scenes per movie, whatever was on the original.

I found that streaming from the Hustler server wasn’t very speedy, and often the movies had to rebuffer. This is a common problem for these big movie archive sites, and big companies like Hustler are usually very careful about letting people download (and possibly redistribute) their movies. Thankfully Hustler took the right path with this, as many people enjoy downloading and collecting movies. The movies are all available to download here, at low, medium or high quality.

The catch? Microsoft’s DRM technology. Basically the video files will become temporarily useless if and when your membership expires, or if your computer can’t connect to the internet for the player to verify your account is valid.

This is about as good as it’s going to get I suppose, and at least allows a company like Hustler to let you download their movies – on their terms, of course. Thankfully the movies are huge, great quality, and often upwards of 125mb per scene. Do the math there! 5 scenes at 125mb = 625mb, multiply that by the 50 titles in the Barely Legal section alone, and yeah… Pretty huge archive. I didn’t get great speeds on the downloads though, I get about 600k/s maximum (1.2mb in 2 seconds) and was only getting about 150k/s from their server.

In addition to this movie console, there are various other sections to play around in. Most noteworthy is the Hustler Magazine online version, complete with bonus photos that didn’t make the magazine. Complete articles and text as well. I wasn’t overly impressed with the other photo sections, you’re really coming here for the movies anyways.

Review Update: 12-30-06 | by: Socks Manly

There have been changes over at Flynt Digital, and in the shuffle this xxx movie site Hustler Movies has been axed it seems. Normally we’d just set the review score to 0, but it looks the site has simply morphed in with their main site Hustler.com. The new Hustler.com design looks great, and touts all of the same movie efforts that their Hustler Movies site did.

So anyways, I’m docking it a few points until we can get in there and have a look around. Then we can get all the hustler sites re-organized. This looks like a major shakeup!

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