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Review Update: 02-04-06 | by: Socks Manly
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Jenna Jameson Review Update

Our review of Jenna Jameson’s website was from 2002, and in definite need of some cleanup. While Club Jenna was a pretty spiffy new site in 2002, it doesn’t seem to have aged as finely as perhaps Jenna Jameson herself has. Let me explain.

It’s now 2006 and over the last few years things have dramatically changed for an adult website, especially of this scope and fame. The trend has changed from digital photographs to super high resolution photographs a la Met Art or DDGirls. Nowadays it’s an absolute must to offer feature length downloable movies on a website, and unfortunately Club Jenna is still streaming their videos.

While this does remain a good archive to get your Jenna fix, as a review site we can’t overlook the fact that major changes need to be made to update this site to the times. What passed a few years ago just doesn’t cut it anymore! It’s just hard to justify the high price tag for what you get here now. For serious Jenna enthusiasts who don’t need to save videos to their PC, this is still a viable option.

Initial Review: 04-13-02 | by: Max Harmer | Last Updated: 02-04-06

Jenna Jameson Review

ClubJenna.com (aka JennaJameson.com) is the home of the beautifully blonde prolific pornstar Jenna Jameson. What’s here ushers in a new era of adult entertainment. The site is fantastic. It’s a whole new browsing experience. So much content, so many places to go, so many things to see, so much to explore!

After logging into the members area I’m greeted by a Jenna’s sexy grin and an invite to read her diary. It’s a nice
personal touch that really makes users feel appreciated. More about the diary later, I want Jenna movies and pictures first!

The main page is nice – easy to navigate and clean. The options are as follows: What’s New, Video Gallery, Photo Galleries, Jenna’s Diary, The Forum, Free Chat Room, Jenna’s Store, Private Channels, Penthouse Connection, Downloads, Auction House, and Weekly Specials. The site satisfies the basic ‘gimme porn now’ desire, as well as promoting a changing dynamic, (which makes sure visitors want to return) by keeping things new and entertaining.

Upon entering the Video section I thought I had died and gone to heaven, the first category? “Masturbation of the Month”
[Ed: Max has a girls-playing-with-themselves fetish.] Could things get any better?!

The other movies categories include Wild On Jenna, Hardcore Sex Scenes, Full length Jenna Movies, Behind the Scenes, Streaming Video Sex Tips[!], Upcoming Movie Previews, and Leased Feeds. That’s a whole lot of movie content! Most of the movies are available in WindowsMediaViewer format and Quicktime .Mov, and some are even available in RealMedia format.

The movies themselves are high-quality full-screenable clips, complete with audio of moans, squeaks and squeals. The full-length Jenna movies are provided courtesy of Wicked Entertainment, and are also top-quality.

[*Max returns to his review, stunned*] Okay, Jenna Jameson, gives the best head I’ve ever seen. I just watched a video that I found on a back-page somewhere titled ‘Jenna Jameson Gives a Blow Job’, most of the porn I had seen thus far was ‘photoshoot’ porn, but this was some lucky guy with a camcorder filming Jenna *working* his cock. She easily has the best technique I’ve ever seen. She had the two-hand-tongue-jaw unison thing going, I thought I was gonna lose my
mind, being well-endowed myself, [Ed: *Devilish grin*] I know how hard it can sometimes be to find a girl who really knows how to give good head to a large cock. Jenna, girl, wherever you are, if you’re reading this – Kudos to you! It must’ve taken years of dedicated practice. [If you ever need great head, let me volunteer, as I’ve spent years perfecting my own technique, *Boyish grin*]

Jenna Jameson picture galleries are available in the following categories: Glamour, Hardcore, Friends, Jenna As Jenna, Earl
Miller Collection [Ed: Hot], Digital Art, Road, Fetish, and Archive. The galleries are arranged nicely, thumbnailed and available in three different resolution sizes. The galleries are also ‘one-click’ optimized, negating the need for excess mouse movement within the gallery. [Ed: *wink*]

Also, In the picture gallery there’s a link to the ‘Fetish Zone’, which leads to leased content, thus, not reviewed.

Jenna’s diary is updated almost daily [whenever she has time for it] and not only does she take an active role in the forums, but also writes ‘Judge Jenna’, a feature where Jenna ‘solves’ your relationship squabbles as only Jenna can.

There are so many of these ‘featurettes’ niched around the site, randomly finding them is always fun. A lot of heart
has obviously gone into this site.

Overall this site is a class act. Insane amounts of Jameson Jenna porn, plus the dedication and ‘heart’ that normally comes as an intrinsic part of smaller, amateur websites. ClubJenna.com has the best of both worlds!

Almost daily updates, not only to Jenna’s diary, but also to the pictorial sets – the photographers must be working overtime! Jenna’s fame is barely rivaled by anyone in her industry, and yet she frequents her site more than some of her members! All this for $29.95, a premium price, but a premium porn site. The numbers don’t lie.

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User Comments

Posted by: harbhupinder singh [india] on 01-18-06

jenna is very beautiful model in the world.she is very sexy her lips,her eyes,and her brest is very hot.Iwant to meet her once a time

Posted by: nosainte [united kingdom] on 07-23-05

This site is a waste of time and my money! For $35 i at least expected to be able to download some clips of her and her movies! I love jenna but until she corrects this problem this site will remain average at best, i’ve been a member of better … [read more]

Posted by: Veronika [Europe] on 01-11-05

A great site if you’re a big Jenna fan!! Lots of Jenna pics of all sorts and lots of friends pics (you can save them all, but not all of them are very good quality) all available in higher resolution but some of them aren’t available in lower res. You … [read more]

Posted by: Zdenius [Europe] on 11-19-04

I like Jenna and this site is good. Better than Jennamaxx. Youll get really lot of photos, sometimes I was nervous cos some series have over 160 images, uff. I like the photos especially.

Posted by: Ken [LA] on 07-14-04

Dissapointed is not the word!
I was expecting something along the lines of high quality, like Suze.The pictures are medium quality at the most, the movies arent of a good quality, what I
ve managed,was to strain my eyes and see low low quality.
I’d rather stick to Suze and Suze video…At least … [read more]

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