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Initial Review: 04-10-09 | by: Socks Manly
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Joanna Angel Review

Joanna Angel’s new website is a bit of a mystery, but an enjoyable mystery that I’m happy I went through. I see that she is a video director as well as actress, and is heavily involved with Burning Angel productions. They pretty much do strictly alt porn hardcore stuff, and do it well.

What makes this website so strange is that it seems to have been put together entirely this year, but we’re only in the first few days of april. The catch is that it’s a pretty big site, with lots of content of Joanna Angel. So much so that I highly doubt it could have ever been shot over 3 months.

This leads me to believe that they’ve been collecting content up for a while before the site launch, and are adding things from an archive they have stashed away. Probably still shooting too, if my spidey senses are tingling right.

I really enjoyed the content here, I have to admit I don’t think I’ve been as interested in a solo girl site in some time. Joanna has a certain spirit or character to her that just makes her loveable. She’s the kind of girl that probably wasn’t supposed to be in porn, didn’t have to be in porn, but just wanted to. She fits. Insatiable sex appetite too.

She’s got a bunch of tattoos, ear piercings (the hole type, I know, I’m bastardizing, whateverrrr) and loves to get nasty. She loves anal sex, and sticks whatever she finds up her ass really. She has sex with various guys and girls throughout the scenes on the site.

Perhaps what I like most is that this girl really has a knack for inviting you into her life through her photos and videos. She does a lot of well thought out yet simple videos that set you at ease as a viewer. Washing her car, learning to bartend – naked, cooking bacon naked, giving a blowjob on vacation, these kinds of things. I really believe that THE most important thing in a solo girl site is that the model reveals some of her true self to her members. Disassociative chicks suck!

So when I said JoannaAngel.com had a lot of content I wasn’t lying. There are 129 videos so far, and 143 photo sets. As I said, impossible to get this much content in 3 months I think. Even if she changed clothes real fast. Then again, I don’t care how it got there, it’s there now. Woop!

The videos are usually around 50-100mb in size, at 640×480. Very original and creative content that I really enjoyed watching.

I highly recommend this new site by Joanna Angel, it’s a breath of fresh air in the alt porn genre, adding a bit of silly fun to a sometimes seemingly serious group of people. Well done site too, can’t say enough good things about it.

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